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Pericles (2003, American Repertory Theatre)

Theater CompanyAmerican Repertory Theatre
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2003-05-10
End Date2003-06-27
Play ConnectionsPericles (performance)
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Cast Overview

King AntiochusThomas Derrah
Daughter of AntiochusGeorgia Hatzis
PericlesRobert Sella
ThalliardCurtis August
King SimonidesThomas Derrah
MarinaPascale Armand
young MarinaJasmine Jackson
LychoridaEmily Knapp
LysimachusOliver Henzler
CerimonYolande Bavan
young PhilotenZoe King
DianaGeorgia Hatzis
PhilemonCurtis August
GowerYolande Bavan
MarshallJason Beaubier
PanderWill LeBow
BoultThomas Derrah
BawdRemo Airaldi
LordDan Cozzens
LordOliver Henzler
Knight at the TournamentCurtis August
Knight at the TournamentJason Kaufman
Knight at the TournamentDoug Lockwood
SailorJason Beaubier
SailorJason Kaufman
PirateCurtis August
PirateThomas Piper
FishermanRemo Airaldi
FishermanJeremy Geidt
FishermanThomas Piper
MessengerJason Beaubier
MessengerAndrei Serban
Temple DancerAlison Clear
brothel clientDan Cozzens
Temple DancerEmily Knapp
WhoreEmily Knapp
brothel clientDoug Lockwood
Temple DancerKatarina Morhacova
WhoreKatarina Morhacova
HelicanusJeremy Geidt
CleonWill LeBow
DionyzaKaren MacDonald
LeonineGilbert Owuor
ThaisaMia Yoo

Production Team and Crew Overview

Direction and MovementAndrei Serban
DramaturgGideon Lester
Set and Video DesignDan Nutu
Lighting DesignBeverly Emmons
Sound DesignDavid Remedios
CastingCindy Tolan Casting
Production Stage ManagerChris De Camillis
Assistant Stage ManagerAmy James
Assistant Stage ManagerThomas M. Kauffman
Voice and Speech CoachNancy Houfek

Company Overview

Theater Company American Repertory Theatre

Production information courtesy of: American Repertory Theatre [website]