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Hamlet (2003, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2003-07-02
End Date2003-08-23
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)
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Cast Overview

Guildenstern, courtier, former student with HamletIan Anderson
Fourth Player - "Prologue"James Beneduce
AttendantJames Beneduce
Gravedigger #2James Beneduce
Polonius, lord chamberlainDennis R. Elkins
Coffin BearerJames E. L. Esely
AttendantJames E. L. Esely
Fortinbras, Prince of NorwayJames E. L. Esely
Bernardo, officerJames E. L. Esely
Ophelia, daughter to PoloniusSarah Fallon
The Ghost, Hamlet's FatherRay Kemble
Laertes, son to PoloniusGeoffrey Kent
AttendantNettie Mae Kraft
Second Player - Player QueenNettie Mae Kraft
Rosencrantz, coutier, former student with HamletKevin Landis
Hamlet, son to the late, and nephew to the present kingTony Marble
Gertrude, Queen of Denmark and mother to HamletHollis McCarthy
Gravedigger #1Windell D. Middlebrooks
Fifth PlayerFrank J. Mihelich
Marcellus, officerFrank J. Mihelich
English AmbassadorFrank J. Mihelich
Coffin BearerFrank J. Mihelich
Claudius, King of DenmarkTony Molina
Osric, courtierStuart O'Steen
Horatio, friend to HamletEric D. Pasto-Crosby
CaptainKip Pierson
Voltimand, Danish councilor, ambassador to NorwayKip Pierson
PriestAlex Robertson
First Player - Player KingAlex Robertson
Third Player - "Lucianus"Alex Smith
Francisco, a soldierAlex Smith
Coffin BearerAlex Smith
Cornelius, Danish councilor, ambassador to NorwayChaney Tullos
AttendantChaney Tullos
Coffin BearerChaney Tullos
Reynaldo, servant to PoloniusChaney Tullos
SailorChaney Tullos

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJames M. Symons
Dramaturg/Assistant DirectorLisa Wilson
Costume DesignerPatrick Holt
Lighting DesignerJulie Mack
Sound DesignerKevin Dunayer
Fight CaptainJames Beneduce
Fight DirectorPayson Burt
Fight CaptainGeoffrey Kent
Voice, Speech, Text CoachBen Furey
DresserMick Ginapp
Wardrobe ManagerMatthew Hemesath
Wigs/MakeupJill Kaplan
DresserSusana Monreal
DresserSandra Satre
Light Board OperatorNate Getrich
Sound Board OperatorArielle Edwards
Scenic DesignerBruce A. Bergner
Deck ElectricianStephen Decker
Stage CrewShane Kelly
Prop Crew HeadMichelle Paopao
Stage CrewChristopher Rousseau
Prop CrewKaryn Sobczak
Stage Crew HeadDaniel J. Sylvia
Follow Spot OperatorDana Nelson
Follow Spot OperatorChristopher Rousseau

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]