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King Lear (2001, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleKing Lear
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2001-06-29
End Date2001-08-25
Play ConnectionsKing Lear (performance)
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Cast Overview

Lear, King of BritainRaye Birk
Goneril, daughter to LearCandace Taylor
Regan, daughter to LearSarah Lauren Fallon
Cordelia, daughter to LearAndrew Wasyleczko
FoolAndrew Wasyleczko
King of FranceRashaad Ernesto Green
Duke of BurgandyBrantley Haines
Duke of Cornwall, married to ReganJames Beneduce
Duke of Albany, married to GonerilStafford Clark-Price
Earl of KentMichael Pocaro
Earl of GloucesterDennis R. Elkins
Edgar, son to GloucesterPhilip Griffith Pace
Edmund, bastard son to GloucesterTimothy Carter
Curran, a courtierMalik B. El-Amin
Old ManBrantley Haines
DoctorRashaad Ernesto Green
Oswald, steward to GonerilAdam Meredith
CaptainSusan Shunk
GentlemanAlphonse Keasley
Soldiers/ServantsMalik B. El-Amin
Soldiers/ServantsBrantley Haines
Soldiers/ServantsAdam Meredith
Soldiers/ServantsSusan Shunk
Soldiers/ServantsMike Skillern

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorElizabeth Huddle
Dramaturg/Assistant DirectorAndrea Garrett
Costume DesignerAnne Thaxter Watson
Scenic DesignerJoseph Varga
Lighting DesignerMichael Wellborn
Sound DesignerKevin Dunayer
Fight DirectorPayson Burt
Stage ManagerWes Wyse
Assistant Stage ManagerPennylyn Goersmeyer
Voice and Text CoachBetty Moulton
Wardrobe ManagerAngela Bright
Wigs/MakeupPatty Jo Glover
DresserKathryn Marie Maulis
DresserArwen Miller
DresserGina Scarnati
Light Board OperatorAndrew Woods
Stage CrewChelsea Erhart
Stage Crew HeadNathan Landry
Prop CrewCollin Larkins
Prop Crew HeadNicholas Rastenis

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]