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Pericles (1993, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1993-07-03
End Date1993-08-14
Play ConnectionsPericles (performance)
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Cast Overview

AntiochusRandy Colborn
Daughter of AntiochusHope Chernov
PericlesBrian D. Evans
HelicanusA. Bryan Humphrey
EscanesDavid Morden
ThaliardThom Rivera
CleonRandy Colborn
DionyzaVivian Majkowski
SimonidesRandy Colborn
ThaisaAngela Reed
MarinaHope Chernov
LychoridaAnne F. Butler
LysimachusE. Walter Stanford
CerimonA. Bryan Humphrey
LeonineE. Walter Stanford
DianaVivian Majkowski
GowerA. Bryan Humphrey
PanderRandy Colborn
BoultThom Rivera
Servant to CerimonDavid Morden
ServantJoel Sanchez
Servant to CerimonJoel Sanchez
SailorThom Rivera
SailorJoel Sanchez
SailorE. Walter Stanford
Pirate ChiefA. Bryan Humphrey
PirateDavid Morden
PirateJoel Sanchez
FishermanDavid Morden
FishermanJoel Sanchez
MessengerJoel Sanchez
TorchbearerRandy Colborn
TorchbearerDavid Morden
TorchbearerThom Rivera
TorchbearerJoel Sanchez

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJoel G. Fink
Assistant to the Director/DramaturgDavid Schuler
Costume DesignerHolly Cole
Scenic DesignerRichard Finkelstein
Lighting DesignerRichard M. Devin
Sound Designer and Text PreparationJoel G. Fink
Technical DirectorStancil Campbell
Assistant Technical DirectorJames Lyden
Stage ManagerJane E. Green
Assistant Stage ManagerJeffrey A. Murphy
Voice and Speech CoachBetty Moulton
Scenic Design AssistantAmahl H. Lovato

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]