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King Lear (1986, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleKing Lear
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1986-07-11
End Date1986-08-24
Play ConnectionsKing Lear (performance)
SettingAncient Britain
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Cast Overview

LearDudley Knight
GonerilCynthia Blaise
ReganDana Smith
CordeliaCarrie Hitchcock
Lear's FoolDavid Kelly
King of FranceGiovanni Felicioni
Duke of BurgundyJohn C. Lynch
Duke of CornwallJack Young
Duke of AlbanyDavid A. Baker
Earl of KentDavid Drummond
Earl of GloucesterJ. H. Crouch
EdgarThomas Freeland
EdmundJames Michael DeVita
Curan/Goneril's SoldierAnders Bolang
Old Man/Knight/French SoldierPeter Giffin
OswaldRandy Braunberger
Servant/CaptainStephen Anderson
Lear's KnightBrian Robert Mani
Cornwall's ServantJoseph C. Nemmers
Servant/Goneril's SoldierJoseph A. Schultz
Servant/Regan's SoldierRichard Winters
Knight/French SoldierJeffrey E. Baumgartner
Knight/French SoldierChuck Gorder
Knight/French SoldierRon Lamb

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorRobert Cohen
DramaturgCynthia Bishop
Costume DesignerJames Berton Harris
Scenic DesignerDouglas-Scott Goheen
Lighting DesignerRichard M. Devin
Sound DesignerRichard K. Thomas
Fight ChoreographerJack Cirillo
Technical DirectorStancil Campbell
Stage ManagerGregory Markowski
Voice and Speech CoachKatherine Fitzmaurice
Costume Shop ManagerLaurie Rudd
Property MasterLeah Harris

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]