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Hamlet (2001, Shakespeare Theatre Company)

Theater CompanyShakespeare Theatre Company
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2001-11-06
End Date2002-01-06
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)
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Cast Overview

HamletWallace Acton
Additional PlayerChristopher Knight Bagg
PrologueEmery Battis
A PriestEmery Battis
HoratioCameron Folmar
Additional PlayerLolita Foster
LaertesBo Foxworth
The Ghost of the KingEdward Gero
Player KingEdward Gero
Gravedigger's CompanionJason Gilbert
Player QueenJason Gilbert
GuildensternAntony Hagopian
MarcellusPeter Katona
Additional PlayerPeter Katona
A CaptainPeter Katona
A GravediggerFloyd King
OsricFloyd King
GertrudeSybil Lines
RosencrantzAndrew Long
OpheliaNicole Lowrance
LucianusStephen Patrick Martin
A SailorStephen Patrick Martin
FranciscoCameron McElyea
Additional PlayerCameron McElyea
Additional PlayerPaul Nicholas
BarnardoPaul Nicholas
FortinbrasJovan Rameau
Additional PlayerJovan Rameau
PoloniusDavid Sabin
ClaudiusTed Van Griethuysen
Additional PlayerMatthew Walsh

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorGale Edwards
Assistant DirectorP. J. Paparelli
Costume DesignerMurell Horton
Set DesignerPeter England
Lighting DesignerMark McCullough
Sound DesignerMartin Desjardins
ComposerAdam Wernick
Fight ChoreographyRick Sordelet
Stage ManagerM. Pat Hodge
Voice and Text CoachEllen O'Brien

Company Overview

Theater Company Shakespeare Theatre Company

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare Theatre Company [website]