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Henry V (2002, Bard on the Beach)

TitleHenry V
Theater CompanyBard on the Beach
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2002-06-25
End Date2002-09-21
Play ConnectionsHenry V (performance)
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Cast Overview

PistolDonald Adams
IsabelLisa Bayliss
Hostess QuicklyLisa Bayliss
Henry VMr. Scott Bellis
BardolphDamon Calderwood
Duke of OrleanceDamon Calderwood
ChorusChristopher Gaze
The ConstableChad Hershler
Lord ScroopChad Hershler
MontjoyAlessandro Juliani
KatherineMs. Jennifer Lines
AliceTiffany Lyndall-Knight
The DauphinMr. David Mackay
Captain FluellenMr. David Marr
Bishop of ElyMr. David Marr
Captain GowerJamie Norris
The Earl of CambridgeJamie Norris
The Earl of WestmorelandTom Pickett
The Earl of WarwickJoe Ritchie
The Duke of ExeterLenard Stanga
French SoldierMr. James Fagan Tait
NymMr. James Fagan Tait
Sir Thomas GreyTodd Thomson
Michael WilliamsTodd Thomson
The Archbishop of CanterburyMr. Christopher Weddell
Charles VIMr. Christopher Weddell
BoyKatey Wright

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorChristopher Gaze
Costume DesignerMs. Mara Gottler
Set DesignerPam Johnson
Lighting DesignerGerald King
Sound DesignerPaul Moniz de Sa
Fight DirectorMr. Nicholas Harrison
Production Stage ManagerMr. Stephen Courtenay
Assistant Stage ManagerGalia Goodwin
Apprentice Stage ManagerLisa Phillippe

Company Overview

Theater Company Bard on the Beach

Production information courtesy of: Bard on the Beach [website]