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Much Ado About Nothing (1988, Peter Moss)

TitleMuch Ado About Nothing
Release LocationsCanada
Production LocationsCanada
DirectorPeter Moss
Play ConnectionsMuch Ado About Nothing (performance)

Cast Overview

2nd WatchmanDonald Adams
Don PedroEdward Atienza
MessengerJohn Bourgeois
BorachioDaniel Buccos
Don JohnBrent Carver
BeatriceTandy Cronyn
Member of WatchBradley C. Rudy
AntonioRichard Curnock
UrsulaHazel Desbarats
1st WatchmanJean-Pierre Fournier
Friar FrancisMaurice Good
DogberryEric House
LeonatoWilliam Hutt
SextonNolan Jennings
ConradeLorne Kennedy
HeroAnna Louise Richardson
Member of WatchLee MacDougall
ButlerLarry Mannell
Member of WatchLarry Mannell
BalthasarEric McCormack
BenedickRichard Monette
ClaudioKeith Thomas
VergesBrian Tree
MargaretAnne Wright

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorPeter Moss
DesignerChristina Poddubiuk
ChoreographerJohn Broome
Stage ManagerCatherine Russell
Light DesignerMichael J. Whitfield
Music byLouis Applebaum
Director (for TV)Herbert Roland

Company Overview

Theater Company Stratford Festival of Canada

Production information courtesy of: Alan Somerset