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William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure (2007, Bob Komar)

TitleWilliam Shakespeare's Measure for Measure
Release LocationsUK
DirectorBob Komar
MediumColor video with sound
Audiencejunior high
Play ConnectionsMeasure for Measure (adaptation)
SettingBritish Army
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Cast Overview

DukeSimon Phillips
AngeloDaniel Roberts
EscalusDawn Murphy
ClaudioSimon Nuckley
IsabelleJosephine Rogers
JulietKate Sullington
MariannaEmma Ager
LucioLuke Leeves
ProvostKris Milnes
ElbowPiers Pereira
FrothRobert Anderson
OverdoneHanne Steen
PompeyLeah Grayson
PriestRoberto Argenti

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorBob Komar
Co-ProducerTrevor Hughes
ProducerMiran Mashadi
ProducerSimon Phillips
CostumeSabre Sales
EditorPaula Baker
ComposerLindsay Bridgwater
AdaptationWendy Attwell
Script EditLucy Richardson
Script EditGian Carlo Rossi
Make-upFarzana Islam
1st CameraRichard Muhammad
2nd CameraAlan Ronald
ArtworkRussell Owen
ArtworkPeter Ryan

Company Overview

Producer Lucky Strike Productions
Producer Press On Features

Production information courtesy of: Press On Features [website]