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Facsimile Viewer: Works Pope, Vol.4 (1725)

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Works Pope, Vol.4
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THE / WORKS / OF / SHAKESPEAR / IN / SIX VOLUMES / COLLATED and CORRECTED by the former EDITIONS, / By Mr. POPE. / ----- Laniatum corpore toto / Deiphobum vidi, & lacerum crudeliter ora, / Ora, manu∫que ambas, populataque tempora raptis / Authibus, & truncas inbone∫to vulnere nares! / Quis tam crudeles optavit ∫umere poenas? / Cui tantum de te licuit? ----- Virg. / LONDON: / Printed for JACOB TONSON in the Strand. / MDCCXXV.
London: Jacob Tonson, 1725

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