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Julius Caesar

From Plutarch's Parallel Lives, Shakespeare took a story that was both Roman and Elizabethan in the issues it expores.

Julius Caesar has been edited for the Internet Shakespeare Editions, and has extensive introductory essays published online. There are also extensive additional materials from the works that influenced Shakespeare as he wrote the play. You will find a complete listing of essays and other materials on the Internet Shakespeare Editionstitle page for the play on this site.

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  1. Summary: facts about Julius Caesar

    First published: 1623 (the Folio).
    First mention: seen by a European traveller, Thomas Platter, in 1599. The first play performed at the first Globe Theatre was Julius Caesar.

    Source:The Lives of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, by the Roman author Plutarch, translated into English by Sir Thomas North and published in 1579 and 1595.