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Othello is one of Shakespeare's most popular plays. Its controversial issues and passionate characters excite audiences around the world. In the United States, the first ever on-stage kiss between a black man and a white woman occurred in a 1943 Broadway production, starring Paul Robeson and Uta Hagen. This version went on to be the longest running Shakespearean play in the country's history.

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  1. Summary: facts about King Lear

    Written:Written: 1604 .
    First mentioned: Performed at Court in
    1604, "By the Kings Maiesties plaiers... a play... called The Moor of Veniot; (Revels Accounts).
    First published: 1622 (quarto); 1623 (First Folio).

    Major source: a novella that was part of Giraldi Cinthio's Hecatomithi, published in Venice in 1565.