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There are four kinds of links on the site.

  1. Links that have an asterisk after them (like this one*) will open up a "footnote" in a small popup. The popup will disappear when you click on the "close" button: . You can make the footnote popup larger for longer notes by clicking on the "grow" button: .
  2. Normal links will take you to a new page altogether
  3. Links to other sites on the Internet will open in a new window or tab
  4. Links that open up sound or video files


  1. A sample footnote

    Most footnotes on the site will be more interesting than this one. To make it worth your while, here's one of my favourite passages from the Sonnets:

    That time of year thou mayst in me behold
    When yellow leaves, or few, or none to hang
    Upon those boughs which now do shake against the cold;
    Bare ruined choirs where late the sweet birds sang.
    (Sonnet 73)