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As a Friend of the ISE, your library will help create a legacy for everyone with a passion for Shakespeare.  An annual subscription of $800 or $1,200 will create an impact that will be felt around the world. You will also be contributing to the development of websites devoted to other Renaissance dramatists that the ISE incubates—the Queen's Men Editions and Digital Renaissance Editions. Alternatively, you can make a one-time payment of $3,250 or $5,000 to become a lifetime member.

The ISE is the premier scholarly website dedicated to digital editions of Shakespeare. Our team of over sixty Shakespeare scholars from Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and France is creating and maintaining a library of materials that combine high scholarly quality with intelligent use of the digital medium. Learn more about the site.

Where do the funds go? As anyone who maintains a scholarly educational website will tell you, the digital medium requires constant development and maintenance. It takes many hours of thoughtful research and content development, computer programming, graphic design, editing in any given year to bring a polished and up-to-date resource to our global audience. Students and teachers expect websites to keep current: to use the full capabilities of the new media, and to provide effective interfaces for new digital devices like smartphones and tablets. All this puts extra pressure on an organization to find the means to adapt the website to match the expectations of our readers.

The ISE is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping administration costs to a minimum. Our commitment to the Friends of the ISE is that all funds raised in the campaign will go to support the site.

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