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Image care of the Stratford Festival

Appropriately enough for a website based in Canada, we are pleased to announce that we now have full coverage of the long and distinguished history of performances at the Shakespeare Festival of Stratford, Ontario, in our database of Shakespeare in Performance. Thanks to the records kept by scholar Dr. Alan Somerset, we now have 286 productions from Stratford entered, with full details on cast and crew. The first two were in 1953: All's Well That Ends Well, and Richard III

View a list of all productions from the Stratford Festival.

New plays to be published

We are delighted to announce the completion of two important plays:

Each is fully supported by introductory essays, commentary, explanations of words and phrases in the texts, and supplementary materials from contemporary sources that illuminate the concepts and themes Shakespeare was exploring. The edition of Hamlet is especially rich in content, since distinguished Shakespearean David Bevington provides us with modernized texts of all three of the widely different versions in which the play was published, plus a text, "Editor's Choice," that encapsulates a lifetime of editorial experience in selecting from the many options available.

In due course, distilled versions of these major online publications will be available in print from Broadview Press.