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Mobile Site Update

ISEmobile.pngAs we promised in our first issue of The Shakespeare Herald, we have launched the first version of our mobile site so that you can carry the ISE (and Shakespeare, by association) in your pocket wherever your journeys may take you. Developed for Android and Apple iOS, our mobile site has garnered interest by users both on tablets and phones. Not surprisingly, our most visitors are coming to us via iPad and iPhone, though some are using Android-powered devices. As intended, those of you visiting us via mobile device are viewing only the specific pages you need and staying just long enough to find the information required, presumably to use us to win an argument, and move along with your intense scholarly debate. Weʼre happy to help!

Still, less than 1% of our site traffic is coming to our mobile site. Remember that we are here to help you prove yourself right or your friends wrong in all aspects of Shakespearean debate. Need to determine which version of a line is the most authentic? What did his contemporaries say about his plays? Check us out on your phone or tablet and weʼll hook you up.

Haven't tested the mobile site yet? Explore Shakespeare's life and times, read the plays and poems, browse the performance database for adaptations of your favorite play. 

We'd love to hear your feedback! Submit your comments, questions, and ideas to help us optimize the mobile site. We are aware that the update of the site has impacted the mobile version, so if you find something to comment on let us know.