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About this text

  • Title: The Merry Wives of Windsor (Folio 1, 1623)

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    The Merry Wives of Windsor (Folio 1, 1623)

    Actus Quartus. Scoena Prima.
    Enter Mistris Page, Quickly, William, Euans.
    Mist. Pag. Is he at M. Fords already think'st thou?
    1825Qui. Sure he is by this; or will be presently; but
    truely he is very couragious mad, about his throwing
    into the water. Mistris Ford desires you to come so-
    Mist. Pag. Ile be with her by and by: Ile but bring
    1830my yong-man here to Schoole: looke where his Master
    comes; 'tis a playing day I see: how now Sir Hugh, no
    Schoole to day?
    Eua. No: Master Slender is let the Boyes leaue to play.
    Qui 'Blessing of his heart.
    1835Mist. Pag. Sir Hugh, my husband saies my sonne pro-
    fits nothing in the world at his Booke: I pray you aske
    him some questions in his Accidence.
    Eu. Come hither William; hold vp your head; come.
    Mist. Pag. Come-on Sirha; hold vp your head; an-
    1840swere your Master, be not afraid.
    Eua. William, how many Numbers is in Nownes?
    Will. Two.
    Qui. Truely, I thought there had bin one Number
    more, because they say od's-Nownes.
    1845Eua. Peace, your tatlings. What is (Faire) William?
    Will. Pulcher.
    Qu. Powlcats? there are fairer things then Powlcats,
    Eua. You are a very simplicity o'man: I pray you
    1850peace. What is (Lapis) William?
    Will. A Stone.
    Eua. And what is a Stone (William?)
    Will. A Peeble.
    Eua. No; it is Lapis: I pray you remember in your
    Will. Lapis.
    Eua. That is a good William: what is he (William) that
    do's lend Articles.
    Will. Articles are borrowed of the Pronoune; and be
    1860thus declined. Singulariter nominatiuo hic haec, hoc.
    Eua. Nominatiuo hig, hag, hog: pray you marke: geni-
    tiuo huius: Well: what is your Accusatiue-case?
    Will. Accusatiuo hinc.
    Eua. I pray you haue your remembrance (childe) Ac-
    1865cusatiuo hing, hang, hog.
    Qu. Hang-hog, is latten for Bacon, I warrant you.
    Eua. Leaue your prables (o'man) What is the Foca-
    tiue case (William?)
    Will. O, Vocatiuo, O.
    1870Eua. Remember William, Focatiue, is caret.
    Qu. And that's a good roote.
    Eua. O'man, forbeare.
    Mist. Pag. Peace.
    Eua. What is your Genitiue case plurall (William?)
    1875Will. Genitiue case?
    Eua. I.
    Will. Genitiue horum, harum, horum.
    Qu. 'Vengeance of Ginyes case; fie on her; neuer
    name her (childe) if she be a whore.
    1880Eua. For shame o'man.
    Qu. You doe ill to teach the childe such words: hee
    teaches him to hic, and to hac; which they'll doe fast
    enough of themselues, and to call horum; fie vpon you.
    Euans. O'man, art thou Lunaties? Hast thou no vn-
    1885derstandings for thy Cases, & the numbers of the Gen-
    ders? Thou art as foolish Christian creatures, as I would
    Mi. Page. Pre'thee hold thy peace.
    Eu. Shew me now (William) some declensions of your
    Will. Forsooth, I haue forgot.
    Eu. It is Qui, que, quod; if you forget your Quies,
    your Ques, and your Quods, you must be preeches: Goe
    your waies and play, go.
    1895M. Pag. He is a better scholler then I thought he was.
    Eu. He is a good sprag-memory: Farewel Mis. Page.
    Mis. Page. Adieu good Sir Hugh:
    Get you home boy, Come we stay too long. Exeunt.