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  • Title: The Tempest (Folio 1, 1623)
  • Editors: Brent Whitted, Paul Yachnin
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-370-0

    Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editors: Brent Whitted, Paul Yachnin
    Peer Reviewed

    The Tempest (Folio 1, 1623)

    1945 Actus quintus: Scœna Prima.
    Enter Prospero (in his Magicke robes) and Ariel.
    Pro. Now do's my Proiect gather to a head:
    My charmes cracke not: my Spirits obey, and Time
    Goes vpright with his carriage: how's the day?
    1950Ar. On the sixt hower, at which time, my Lord
    You said our worke should cease.
    Pro. I did say so,
    When first I rais'd the Tempest: say my Spirit,
    How fares the King, and's followers?
    1955Ar. Confin'd together
    In the same fashion, as you gaue in charge,
    Iust as you left them; all prisoners Sir
    In the Line-groue which weather-fends your Cell,
    They cannot boudge till your release: The King,
    1960His Brother, and yours, abide all three distracted,
    And the remainder mourning ouer them,
    Brim full of sorrow, and dismay: but chiefly
    Him that you term'd Sir, the good old Lord Gonzallo,
    His teares runs downe his beard like winters drops
    1965From eaues of reeds: your charm so strongly works 'em
    That if you now beheld them, your affections
    Would become tender.
    Pro. Dost thou thinke so, Spirit?
    Ar. Mine would, Sir, were I humane.
    1970Pro. And mine shall.
    Hast thou (which art but aire) a touch, a feeling
    Of their afflictions, and shall not my selfe,
    One of their kinde, that rellish all as sharpely,
    Passion as they, be kindlier mou'd then thou art?
    1975Thogh with their high wrongs I am strook to th'quick,
    Yet, with my nobler reason, gainst my furie
    Doe I take part: the rarer Action is
    In vertue, then in vengeance: they, being penitent,
    The sole drift of my purpose doth extend
    1980Not a frowne further: Goe, release them Ariell,
    My Charmes Ile breake, their sences Ile restore,
    And they shall be themselues.
    Ar. Ile fetch them, Sir. Exit.
    Pro. Ye Elues of hils, brooks, stãding lakes & groues,
    1985And ye, that on the sands with printlesse foote
    Doe chase the ebbing-Neptune, and doe flie him
    When he comes backe: you demy-Puppets, that
    By Moone-shine doe the greene sowre Ringlets make,
    Whereof the Ewe not bites: and you, whose pastime
    1990Is to make midnight-Mushrumps, that reioyce
    To heare the solemne Curfewe, by whose ayde
    (Weake Masters though ye be) I haue bedymn'd
    The Noone-tide Sun, call'd forth the mutenous windes,
    And twixt the greene Sea, and the azur'd vault
    1995Set roaring warre: To the dread ratling Thunder
    Haue I giuen fire, and rifted Ioues stowt Oke
    With his owne Bolt: The strong bass'd promontorie
    Haue I made shake, and by the spurs pluckt vp
    The Pyne, and Cedar. Graues at my command
    2000Haue wak'd their sleepers, op'd, and let 'em forth
    By my so potent Art. But this rough Magicke
    I heere abiure: and when I haue requir'd
    Some heauenly Musicke (which euen now I do)
    To worke mine end vpon their Sences, that
    2005This Ayrie-charme is for, I'le breake my staffe,
    Bury it certaine fadomes in the earth,
    And deeper then did euer Plummet sound
    Ile drowne my booke. Solemne musicke.
    Heere enters Ariel before: Then Alonso with a franticke ge-
    2010 sture, attended by Gonzalo. Sebastian and Anthonio in
    like manner attended by Adrian and Francisco: They all
    enter the circle which Prospero had made, and there stand
    charm'd: which Prospero obseruing, speakes.
    A solemne Ayre, and the best comforter,
    2015To an vnsetled fancie, Cure thy braines
    (Now vselesse) boile within thy skull: there stand
    For you are Spell-stopt.
    Holy Gonzallo, Honourable man,
    Mine eyes ev'n sociable to the shew of thine
    2020Fall fellowly drops: The charme dissolues apace,
    And as the morning steales vpon the night
    (Melting the darkenesse) so their rising sences
    Begin to chace the ignorant fumes that mantle
    Their cleerer reason. O good Gonzallo
    2025My true preseruer, and a loyall Sir,
    To him thou follow'st; I will pay thy graces
    Home both in word, and deede: Most cruelly
    Did thou Alonso, vse me, and my daughter:
    Thy brother was a furtherer in the Act,
    2030Thou art pinch'd for't now Sebastian. Flesh, and bloud,
    You, brother mine, that entertaine ambition,
    Expelld remorse, and nature, whom, with Sebastian
    (Whose inward pinches therefore are most strong)
    Would heere haue kill'd your King: I do forgiue thee,
    2035Vnnaturall though thou art: Their vnderstanding
    Begins to swell, and the approching tide
    Will shortly fill the reasonable shore
    That now ly foule, and muddy: not one of them
    That yet lookes on me, or would know me: Ariell,
    2040Fetch me the Hat, and Rapier in my Cell,
    I will discase me, and my selfe present
    As I was sometime Millaine: quickly Spirit,
    Thou shalt ere long be free.
    Ariell sings, and helps to attire him.
    2045Where the Bee sucks, there suck I,
    In a Cowslips bell, I lie,
    There I cowch when Owles doe crie,
    On the Batts backe I doe flie
    after Sommer merrily.
    2050Merrily, merrily, shall I liue now,
    Vnder the blossom that hangs on the Bow.
    Pro. Why that's my dainty Ariell: I shall misse
    Thee, but yet thou shalt haue freedome: so, so, so.
    To the Kings ship, inuisible as thou art,
    2055There shalt thou finde the Marriners asleepe
    Vnder the Hatches: the Master and the Boat-swaine
    Being awake, enforce them to this place;
    And presently, I pre'thee.
    Ar. I drinke the aire before me, and returne
    2060Or ere your pulse twice beate. Exit.
    Gon. All torment, trouble, wonder, and amazement
    Inhabits heere: some heauenly power guide vs
    Out of this fearefull Country.
    Pro. Behold Sir King
    2065The wronged Duke of Millaine, Prospero:
    For more assurance that a liuing Prince
    Do's now speake to thee, I embrace thy body,
    And to thee, and thy Company, I bid
    A hearty welcome.
    2070Alo. Where thou bee'st he or no,
    Or some inchanted triflle to abuse me,
    (As late I haue beene) I not know: thy Pulse
    Beats as of flesh, and blood: and since I saw thee,
    Th'affliction of my minde amends, with which
    2075I feare a madnesse held me: this must craue
    (And if this be at all) a most strange story.
    Thy Dukedome I resigne, and doe entreat
    Thou pardon me my wrongs: But how shold Prospero
    Be liuing, and be heere?
    2080Pro. First, noble Frend,
    Let me embrace thine age, whose honor cannot
    Be measur'd, or confin'd.
    Gonz. Whether this be,
    Or be not, I'le not sweare.
    2085Pro. You doe yet taste
    Some subtleties o'th'Isle, that will not let you
    Beleeue things certaine: Wellcome, my friends all,
    But you, my brace of Lords, were I so minded
    I heere could plucke his Highnesse frowne vpon you
    2090And iustifie you Traitors: at this time
    I will tell no tales.
    Seb. The Diuell speakes in him:
    Pro. No:
    For you (most wicked Sir) whom to call brother
    2095Would euen infect my mouth, I do forgiue
    Thy rankest fault; all of them: and require
    My Dukedome of thee, which, perforce I know
    Thou must restore.
    Alo. If thou beest Prospero
    2100Giue vs particulars of thy preseruation,
    How thou hast met vs heere, whom three howres since
    Were wrackt vpon this shore? where I haue lost
    (How sharp the point of this remembrance is)
    My deere sonne Ferdinand.
    2105Pro. I am woe for't, Sir.
    Alo. Irreparable is the losse, and patience
    Saies, it is past her cure.
    Pro. I rather thinke
    You haue not sought her helpe, of whose soft grace
    2110For the like losse, I haue her soueraigne aid,
    And rest my selfe content.
    Alo. You the like losse?
    Pro. As great to me, as late, and supportable
    To make the deere losse, haue I meanes much weaker
    2115Then you may call to comfort you; for I
    Haue lost my daughter.
    Alo. A daughter?
    Oh heauens, that they were liuing both in Nalpes
    The King and Queene there, that they were, I wish
    2120My selfe were mudded in that oo-zie bed
    Where my sonne lies: when did you lose your daughter?
    Pro. In this last Tempest. I perceiue these Lords
    At this encounter doe so much admire,
    That they deuoure their reason, and scarce thinke
    2125Their eies doe offices of Truth: Their words
    Are naturall breath: but howsoeu'r you haue
    Beene iustled from your sences, know for certain
    That I am Prospero, and that very Duke
    Which was thrust forth of Millaine, who most strangely
    2130Vpon this shore (where you were wrackt) was landed
    To be the Lord on't: No more yet of this,
    For 'tis a Chronicle of day by day,
    Not a relation for a break-fast, nor
    Befitting this first meeting: Welcome, Sir;
    2135This Cell's my Court: heere haue I few attendants,
    And Subiects none abroad: pray you looke in:
    My Dukedome since you haue giuen me againe,
    I will requite you with as good a thing,
    At least bring forth a wonder, to content ye
    2140As much, as me my Dukedome.
    Here Prospero discouers Ferdinand and Miranda, play-
    ing at Chesse.
    Mir. Sweet Lord, you play me false.
    Fer. No my dearest loue,
    2145I would not for the world.
    Mir. Yes, for a score of Kingdomes, you should (wrangle,
    And I would call it faire play.
    Alo. If this proue
    A vision of the Island, one deere Sonne
    2150Shall I twice loose.
    Seb. A most high miracle.
    Fer. Though the Seas threaten they are mercifull,
    I haue curs'd them without cause.
    Alo. Now all the blessings
    2155Of a glad father, compasse thee about:
    Arise, and say how thou cam'st heere.
    Mir. O wonder!
    How many goodly creatures are there heere?
    How beauteous mankinde is? O braue new world
    2160That has such people in't.
    Pro. 'Tis new to thee.
    Alo. What is this Maid, with whom thou was't at (play?
    Your eld'st acquaintance cannot be three houres:
    Is she the goddesse that hath seuer'd vs,
    2165And brought vs thus together?
    Fer. Sir, she is mortall;
    But by immortall prouidence, she's mine;
    I chose her when I could not aske my Father
    For his aduise: nor thought I had one: She
    2170Is daughter to this famous Duke of Millaine,
    Of whom, so often I haue heard renowne,
    But neuer saw before: of whom I haue
    Receiu'd a second life; and second Father
    This Lady makes him to me.
    2175Alo. I am hers.
    But O, how odly will it sound, that I
    Must aske my childe forgiuenesse?
    Pro. There Sir stop,
    Let vs not b urthen our remembrances, with
    2180A heauinesse that's gon.
    Gon. I haue inly wept,
    Or should haue spoke ere this: looke downe you gods
    And on this couple drop a blessed crowne;
    For it is you, that haue chalk'd forth the way
    2185Which brought vs hither.
    Alo. I say Amen, Gonzallo.
    Gon. Was Millaine thrust from Millaine, that his Issue
    Should become Kings of Naples? O reioyce
    Beyond a common ioy, and set it downe
    2190With gold on lasting Pillers: In one voyage
    Did Claribell her husband finde at Tunis,
    And Ferdinand her brother, found a wife,
    Where he himselfe was lost: Prospero, his Dukedome
    In a poore Isle: and all of vs, our selues,
    2195When no man was his owne.
    Alo. Giue me your hands:
    Let griefe and sorrow still embrace his heart,
    That doth not wish you ioy.
    Gon. Be it so, Amen.
    2200Enter Ariell, with the Master and Boatswaine
    amazedly following.
    O looke Sir, looke Sir, here is more of vs:
    I prophesi'd, if a Gallowes were on Land
    This fellow could not drowne: Now blasphemy,
    2205That swear'st Grace ore-boord, not an oath on shore,
    Hast thou no mouth by land?
    What is the newes?
    Bot. The best newes is, that we haue safely found
    Our King, and company: The next: our Ship,
    2210Which but three glasses since, we gaue out split,
    Is tyte, and yare; and brauely rig'd, as when
    We first put out to Sea.
    Ar. Sir, all this seruice
    Haue I done since I went.
    2215Pro. My tricksey Spirit.
    Alo. These are not naturall euents, they strengthen
    From strange, to stranger: say, how came you hither?
    Bot. If I did thinke, Sir, I were well awake,
    I'ld striue to tell you: we were dead of sleepe,
    2220And (how we know not) all clapt vnder hatches,
    Where, but euen now, with strange, and seuerall noyses
    Of roring, shreeking, howling, gingling chaines,
    And mo diuersitie of sounds, all horrible.
    We were awak'd: straight way, at liberty;
    2225Where we, in all our trim, freshly beheld
    Our royall, good, and gallant Ship: our Master
    Capring to eye her: on a trice, so please you,
    Euen in a dreame, were we diuided from them,
    And were brought moaping hither.
    2230Ar. Was't well done?
    Pro. Brauely (my diligence) thou shalt be free.
    Alo. This is as strange a Maze, as ere men trod,
    And there is in this businesse, more then nature
    Was euer conduct of: some Oracle
    2235Must rectifie our knowledge.
    Pro. Sir, my Leige,
    Doe not infest your minde, with beating on
    The strangenesse of this businesse, at pickt leisure
    (Which shall be shortly single) I'le resolue you,
    2240(Which to you shall seeme probable) of euery
    These happend accidents: till when, be cheerefull
    And thinke of each thing well: Come hither Spirit,
    Set Caliban, and his companions free:
    Vntye the Spell: How fares my gracious Sir?
    2245There are yet missing of your Companie
    Some few odde Lads, that you remember not.
    Enter Ariell, driuing in Caliban, Stephano, and
    Trinculo in their stolne Apparell.
    Ste. Euery man shift for all the rest, and let
    2250No man take care for himselfe; for all is
    But fortune: Coragio Bully-Monster Corasio.
    Tri. If these be true spies which I weare in my head,
    here's a goodly sight.
    Cal. O Setebos, these be braue Spirits indeede:
    2255How fine my Master is? I am afraid
    He will chastise me.
    Seb. Ha, ha:
    What things are these, my Lord Anthonio?
    Will money buy em?
    2260Ant. Very like: one of them
    Is a plaine Fish, and no doubt marketable.
    Pro. Marke but the badges of these men, my Lords,
    Then say if they be true: This mishapen knaue;
    His Mother was a Witch, and one so strong
    2265That could controle the Moone; make flowes, and ebs,
    And deale in her command, without her power:
    These three haue robd me, and this demy-diuell;
    (For he's a bastard one) had plotted with them
    To take my life: two of these Fellowes, you
    2270Must know, and owne, this Thing of darkenesse, I
    Acknowledge mine.
    Cal. I shall be pincht to death.
    Alo. Is not this Stephano, my drunken Butler?
    Seb. He is drunke now;
    2275Where had he wine?
    Alo. And Trinculo is reeling ripe: where should they
    Finde this grand Liquor that hath gilded 'em?
    How cam'st thou in this pickle?
    Tri. I haue bin in such a pickle since I saw you last,
    2280That I feare me will neuer out of my bones:
    I shall not feare fly-blowing.
    Seb. Why how now Stephano?
    Ste. O touch me not, I am not Stephano, but a Cramp.
    Pro. You'ld be King o'the Isle, Sirha?
    2285Ste. I should haue bin a sore one then.
    Alo. This is a strange thing as ere I look'd on.
    Pro. He is as disproportion'd in his Manners
    As in his shape: Goe Sirha, to my Cell,
    Take with you your Companions: as you looke
    2290To haue my pardon, trim it handsomely.
    Cal. I that I will: and Ile be wise hereafter,
    And seeke for grace: what a thrice double Asse
    Was I to take this drunkard for a god?
    And worship this dull foole?
    2295Pro. Goe to, away.
    Alo. Hence, and bestow your luggage where you (found it.
    Seb. Or stole it rather.
    Pro. Sir, I inuite your Highnesse, and your traine
    To my poore Cell: where you shall take your rest
    2300For this one night, which part of it, Ile waste
    With such discourse, as I not doubt, shall make it
    Goe quicke away: The story of my life,
    And the particular accidents, gon by
    Since I came to this Isle: And in the morne
    2305I'le bring you to your ship, and so to Naples,
    Where I haue hope to see the nuptiall
    Of these our deere-belou'd, solemnized,
    And thence retire me to my Millaine, where
    Euery third thought shall be my graue.
    2310Alo. I long
    To heare the story of your life; which must
    Take the eare starngely.
    Pro. I'le deliuer all,
    And promise you calme Seas, auspicious gales,
    2315And saile, so expeditious, that shall catch
    Your Royall fleete farre off: My Ariel; chicke
    That is thy charge: Then to the Elements
    Be free, and fare thou well: please you draw neere.
    Exeunt omnes.