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  • Title: The Tempest (Folio 1, 1623)
  • Editors: Brent Whitted, Paul Yachnin
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-370-0

    Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editors: Brent Whitted, Paul Yachnin
    Peer Reviewed

    The Tempest (Folio 1, 1623)

    Ste. Put off that gowne (Trinculo) by this hand Ile
    haue that gowne.
    Tri. Thy grace shall haue it.
    1905Cal. The dropsie drowne this foole, what doe you (meane
    To doate thus on such luggage? let's alone
    And doe the murther first: if he awake,
    From toe to crowne hee'l fill our skins with pinches,
    Make vs strange stuffe.
    1910Ste. Be you quiet (Monster) Mistris line, is not this
    my Ierkin? now is the Ierkin vnder the line: now Ier-
    kin you are like to lose your haire, & proue a bald Ierkin.
    Trin. Doe, doe; we steale by lyne and leuell, and't
    like your grace.
    1915Ste. I thank thee for that iest; heer's a garment for't:
    Wit shall not goe vn-rewarded while I am King of this
    Country: Steale by line and leuell, is an excellent passe
    of pate: there's another garment for't.
    Tri. Monster, come put some Lime vpon your fin-
    1920gers, and away with the rest.
    Cal. I will haue none on't: we shall loose our time,
    And all be turn'd to Barnacles, or to Apes
    With foreheads villanous low.
    Ste. Monster, lay to your fingers: helpe to beare this
    1925away, where my hogshead of wine is, or Ile turne you
    out of my kingdome: goe to, carry this.
    Tri. And this.
    Ste. I, and this.
    A noyse of Hunters heard. Enter diuers Spirits in shape
    1930 of Dogs and Hounds, hunting them about: Prospero
    and Ariel setting them on.
    Pro. Hey Mountaine, hey.
    Ari. Siluer: there it goes, Siluer.
    Pro. Fury, Fury: there Tyrant, there: harke, harke.
    1935Goe, charge my Goblins that they grinde their ioynts
    With dry Convultions, shorten vp their sinewes
    With aged Cramps, & more pinch-spotted make them,
    Then Pard, or Cat o' Mountaine.
    Ari. Harke, they rore.
    1940Pro. Let them be hunted soundly: At this houre
    Lies at my mercy all mine enemies:
    Shortly shall all my labours end, and thou
    Shalt haue the ayre at freedome: for a little
    Follow, and doe me seruice. Exeunt.

    1945 Actus quintus: Scœna Prima.

    Enter Prospero (in his Magicke robes) and Ariel.

    Pro. Now do's my Proiect gather to a head:
    My charmes cracke not: my Spirits obey, and Time
    Goes vpright with his carriage: how's the day?
    1950Ar. On the sixt hower, at which time, my Lord
    You said our worke should cease.
    Pro. I did say so,
    When first I rais'd the Tempest: say my Spirit,
    How fares the King, and's followers?
    1955Ar. Confin'd together
    In the same fashion, as you gaue in charge,
    Iust as you left them; all prisoners Sir
    In the Line-groue which weather-fends your Cell,
    They cannot boudge till your release: The King,
    1960His Brother, and yours, abide all three distracted,
    And the remainder mourning ouer them,
    Brim full of sorrow, and dismay: but chiefly

    Him that you term'd Sir, the good old Lord Gonzallo,
    His teares runs downe his beard like winters drops
    1965From eaues of reeds: your charm so strongly works 'em
    That if you now beheld them, your affections
    Would become tender.
    Pro. Dost thou thinke so, Spirit?
    Ar. Mine would, Sir, were I humane.
    1970Pro. And mine shall.
    Hast thou (which art but aire) a touch, a feeling
    Of their afflictions, and shall not my selfe,
    One of their kinde, that rellish all as sharpely,
    Passion as they, be kindlier mou'd then thou art?
    1975Thogh with their high wrongs I am strook to th'quick,
    Yet, with my nobler reason, gainst my furie
    Doe I take part: the rarer Action is
    In vertue, then in vengeance: they, being penitent,
    The sole drift of my purpose doth extend
    1980Not a frowne further: Goe, release them Ariell,
    My Charmes Ile breake, their sences Ile restore,
    And they shall be themselues.
    Ar. Ile fetch them, Sir. Exit.
    Pro. Ye Elues of hils, brooks, stãding lakes & groues,
    1985And ye, that on the sands with printlesse foote
    Doe chase the ebbing-Neptune, and doe flie him
    When he comes backe: you demy-Puppets, that
    By Moone-shine doe the greene sowre Ringlets make,
    Whereof the Ewe not bites: and you, whose pastime
    1990Is to make midnight-Mushrumps, that reioyce
    To heare the solemne Curfewe, by whose ayde
    (Weake Masters though ye be) I haue bedymn'd
    The Noone-tide Sun, call'd forth the mutenous windes,
    And twixt the greene Sea, and the azur'd vault
    1995Set roaring warre: To the dread ratling Thunder
    Haue I giuen fire, and rifted Ioues stowt Oke
    With his owne Bolt: The strong bass'd promontorie
    Haue I made shake, and by the spurs pluckt vp
    The Pyne, and Cedar. Graues at my command
    2000Haue wak'd their sleepers, op'd, and let 'em forth
    By my so potent Art. But this rough Magicke
    I heere abiure: and when I haue requir'd
    Some heauenly Musicke (which euen now I do)
    To worke mine end vpon their Sences, that
    2005This Ayrie-charme is for, I'le breake my staffe,
    Bury it certaine fadomes in the earth,
    And deeper then did euer Plummet sound
    Ile drowne my booke. Solemne musicke.
    Heere enters Ariel before: Then Alonso with a franticke ge-
    2010 sture, attended by Gonzalo. Sebastian and Anthonio in
    like manner attended by Adrian and Francisco: They all
    enter the circle which Prospero had made, and there stand
    charm'd: which Prospero obseruing, speakes.

    A solemne Ayre, and the best comforter,
    2015To an vnsetled fancie, Cure thy braines
    (Now vselesse) boile within thy skull: there stand
    For you are Spell-stopt.
    Holy Gonzallo, Honourable man,
    Mine eyes ev'n sociable to the shew of thine
    2020Fall fellowly drops: The charme dissolues apace,
    And as the morning steales vpon the night
    (Melting the darkenesse) so their rising sences
    Begin to chace the ignorant fumes that mantle
    Their cleerer reason. O good Gonzallo
    2025My true preseruer, and a loyall Sir,
    To him thou follow'st; I will pay thy graces
    Home both in word, and deede: Most cruelly