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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Donald Bailey
Peer Reviewed

Othello (Quarto 1, 1622)

The Tragedy of Othello

He has a daily beauty in his life,
That makes me vgly: and besides, the Moore
May vnfould me to him; there stand I in perrill:
No, he must die, be't so, I heare him comming. Ent. Cas.
Rod. I know his gate, tis he, villaine thou diest.
Cas. That thrust had bin my enemy indeed,
But that my coate is better then thou think'st,
I will make proofe of thine.
3110Rod. O I am slaine.
Cas. I am maind for euer, light ho, murder, murder.
Enter Othello.
Oth. The voice of Cassio, Iago keepes his word.
3115Rod. O villaine that I am.
Oth. Harke tis euen so.
Cas. O helpe ho, light, a Surgeon.
Oth. Tis he, O braue Iago, honest and Iust,
That hast such noble sence of thy friends wrong,
3120Thou teachest me; -- minion, your deare lies dead,
And your fate hies apace; strumpet I come;
Forth of my heart, those charmes thine eyes are blotted,
Thy bed lust-staind, shall with lusts blood be spotted. Ex.
3125Enter Lodouico and Gratiano.
Cas. What ho, no watch, no passage, murder, murder
Grat. Tis some mischance, the cry is very direfull.
Cas. O helpe. Lod. Harke.
Rod. O wretched villaine.
Lod. Two or three grones, it is a heauy night,
These may be counterfeits, let's think't vnsafe
To come into the cry without more helpe.
3135Rod. No body come, then shall I bleed to death.
Enter Iago with a light.
Lod. Harke.
Grat. Here's one comes in his shirt, with lights and weapons,
3140Iag. Who's there? whose noise is this, that cries on murder.
Lod. I doe not know.
Iag. Did not you heare a cry?
Cas. Here, here, for heauens sake helpe me.