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  • Title: King Lear (Quarto 1, 1608)
  • Editor: Michael Best
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-463-9

    Copyright Michael Best. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Michael Best
    Not Peer Reviewed

    King Lear (Quarto 1, 1608)

    The Historie of King Lear.
    As pearles from diamonds dropt in briefe,
    Sorow would be a raritie mo st beloued,
    If all could so become it.
    2347.25 Kent. Made she no verball que stion.
    Gent. Faith once or twice she heau'd the name of father,
    Pantingly forth as if it pre st her heart,
    Cried si sters, si sters, shame of Ladies si sters:
    Kent, father, si sters, what ith storme ith night,
    2347.30 Let pitie not be beleeft there she shooke,
    The holy water from her heauenly eyes,
    And clamour moy stened her, then away she started,
    To deale with griefe alone.
    Kent . It is the stars, the stars aboue vs gouerne our conditions,
    2347.35 Else one selfe mate and make could not beget,
    Such different i s s ues, you spoke not with her since.
    Gent. No. Kent. Was this before the King returnd.
    Gent. No, since.
    Kent. Well sir, the poore di stre s s ed Lear's ith towne,
    2347.40 Who some time in his better tune remembers,
    What we are come about, and by no meanes will yeeld to see his(daughter.
    Gent. Why good sir ?
    Kent. A soueraigne shame so elbows him his own vnkindnes
    That stript her from his benediction turnd her,
    2347.45 To forraine casualties gaue her deare rights,
    To his dog-harted daughters, these things sting his mind,
    So venomou sly that burning shame detaines him from Cordelia.
    Gent. Alack poore Gentleman.
    Kent. Of Albanies and Cornewals powers you heard not.
    2347.50 Gent. Tis so they are a foote.
    Kent. Well sir, ile bring you to our mai ster Lear,
    And leaue you to attend him some deere cause,
    Will in concealement wrap me vp awhile,
    When I am knowne aright you shall not greeue,
    2347.55 Lending me this acquaintance, I pray you go along with me.
    Enter Cordelia, Doctor and others. Exit.
    Cor. Alack tis he, why he was met euen now,
    As mad as the vent sea singing aloud,
    Crownd with ranke femiter and furrow weedes,