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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Hamlet (Quarto 1, 1603)

Prince of Denmarke
2235You would seeme to know my stops, you would play vpon mee,
You would search the very inward part of my hart,
And diue into the secrect of my soule.
2240Zownds do you thinke I am easier to be pla'yd
On, then a pipe? call mee what Instrument
You will, though you can frett mee, yet you can not
Play vpon mee, besides, to be demanded by a spunge.
Ros. How a spunge my Lord?
2645Ham. I sir, a spunge, that sokes vp the kings
Countenance, fauours, and rewardes, that makes
His liberalitie your store house: but such as you,
Do the king, in the end, best seruise;
For hee doth keep you as an Ape doth nuttes,
In the corner of his Iaw, first mouthes you,
Then swallowes you: so when hee hath need
Of you, t'is but squeesing of you,
2650And spunge, you shall be dry againe, you shall.
2650.1Ros. Wel my Lord wee'le take our leaue.
Ham Farewell, farewell, God blesse you.
2242.1 Exit Rossencraft and Gilderstone.

Enter Corambis
2245Cor. My lord, the Queene would speake with you.
Ham. Do you see yonder clowd in the shape of a camell?
Cor. T'is like a camell in deed.
2250Ham. Now me thinkes it's like a weasel.
Cor. T'is back't like a weasell.
Ham. Or like a whale.
Cor. Very like a whale. exit Coram.
Ham. Why then tell my mother i'le come by and by.
2254.1Good night Horatio.
Hor. Good night vnto your Lordship. exit Horatio.
Ham. My mother she hath sent to speake with me:
O God, let ne're the heart of Nero enter
2265This soft bosome.
Let me be cruell, not vnnaturall.