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  • Title: Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

    The Tragedie of Richard D. of
    King. I prethe giue no limits to my tongue,
    I am a king and priuiledge to speake.
    Clif. My Lord the wound that bred this meeting here
    Cannot be cru'd with words, therefore be still.
    1000Rich. Then executioner vnsheath thy sword,
    By him that made vs all I am resolu'de,
    That Cliffords manhood hangs vpon his tongue.
    Edw. What saist thou Henry, shall I haue my right
    or no?
    A thousand men haue broke their fast to daie,
    1005That nere shall dine, vnlesse thou yeeld the crowne.
    War. If thou denie their blouds be on thy head,
    For Yorke in iustice puts his armour on.
    Prin. If all be right that Warwike saies is right,
    There is no wrong but all things must be right.
    1010Rich. Whosoeuer got thee, there thy mother stands,
    For well I wot thou hast thy mothers tongue.
    Queen. But thou art neither like thy sire nor dam,
    But like a soule mishapen stygmaticke
    Markt by the destinies to be auoided,
    1015As venome Todes, or Lizards fainting lookes.
    Rich. Iron of Naples, hid with English gilt,
    Thy father beares the title of a king,
    As if a channell should be calde the Sea;
    Shames thou not, knowing from whence thou art de-
    1020Riu'de, to parlie thus with Englands lawfull heires?
    Edw. A wispe of straw were worth a thousand crowns,
    To make that shamelesse callet know herselfe,
    Thy husbands father reueld in the hart of France,
    And tam'de the French, and made the Dolphin stoope:
    And had he macht according to his state,