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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

of Henrie the fourth.
3045They wound my thoughts worse then thy sword my flesh,
But thoughts the slaues of life, and life times foole,
And time that takes suruey of all the world
Must haue a stop. O I could prophecy,
But that the earthy and cold hand of death
3050Lies on my tongue: no Percy thou art dust
And food for.
Pr. For wormes, braue Percy. Fare thee wel great hart
Ill weaud ambition, how much art thou shrunke,
When that this body did containe a spirit,
3055A kingdom for it was too small a bound,
But now two paces of the vilest earth
Is roome inough, this earth that beares the dead
Beares not aliue so stout a gentleman,
If thou wert sensible of curtesie
3060I should not make so deare a shew of zeale,
But let my fauors hide thy mangled face,
And euen in thy behalfe ile thanke my selfe,
For doing these faire rights of tendernesse,
Adiew and take thy praise with thee to heauen,
3065Thy ignominy sleepe with thee in the graue,
But not remembred in thy Epitaph.
He spieth Falstalffe on the ground.
What old acquaintance, could not all this flesh
Keepe in a little life? poore Iacke farewell,
I could haue better sparde a better man:
3070O I should haue a heauy misse of thee,
If I were much in loue with vanitie:
Death hath not strooke so fat a Deere to day,
Though many dearer in this bloudy fray,
Inboweld will I see thee by and by,
3075Til then in bloud by noble Percy lie.
Falstalffe riseth vp.
Fal. Inboweld, if thou inbowel me to day, ile giue you leaue
to powder me and eate me too to morrowe. Zbloud twas time
to counterfet, or that hot termagant Scot had paide me scot and
3080lot too. Counterfet? I lie, I am no counterfet, to die is to bee a
counterfet, for he is but the counterfet of a man, who hath not
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