Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Year

Productions made before the year 1800

King John; Or, England Invaded1800Their Majesties' ServantsUKstage
As You Like It1798Their Majesties' ServantsUKstage
King John1795UKstage
King John1793UKstage
King John1792UKstage
King John1785UKstage
King John1784UKstage
King John1783UKstage
King John1783UKstage
King John1777UKstage
King John1775UKstage
King John1774UKstage
King John1770UKstage
King John1769UKstage
King John1768USAstage
King John1767UKstage
King John1767UKstage
As You Like It1766UKstage
King John1766UKstage
King John1766UKstage
King John1764UKstage
King John1761UKstage
King John1760UKstage
King John1758UKstage
King John1754UKstage
King John1751UKstage
King John1749UKstage
King John1747UKstage
King John1745UKstage
King John1745UKstage
As You Like It1744UKstage
As You Like It1742UKstage
As You Like It1741The Drury Lane CompanyUKstage
As You Like It1741The Covent Garden CompanyUKstage
King John1741The Covent Garden CompanyUKstage
The Merchant of Venice1741The Drury Lane CompanyUKstage
As You Like It1740The Drury Lane CompanyUKstage
King John1739UKstage
King John1738UKstage
King John1737The Company of ComediansUKstage
Love in a Forest1723UKstage