Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Year

Productions made in the year 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream2011The Shakespeare Theatre of New JerseyUSAstage
Antony and Cleopatra2011A Company of FoolsCanadastage
As You Like It2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
As You Like It2011Muse of Fire Theatre CompanyUSAstage
Comedie des Erreurs2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Comedy of Errors2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Ghost Light2011Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Hamlet2011Brentwood Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Hamlet2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Hamlet2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Hamlet2011Hudson Valley Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Hamlet2011Victoria Shakespeare SocietyCanadastage
Hamlet (from the East)2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Hamlet in the Original Pronunciation2011Nevada Repertory Company, University of NevadaUSAstage
Henry IV, Part Two2011Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Henry V2011KeepItSimple Theatre ProductionsCanadastage
Julius Caesar2011The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Julius Caesar2011Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
King Lear2011Shakespeare by the Sea - Los AngelesUSAstage
Kupenga Kwa Hamlet2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
La Tempête2011Ex MachinaCanadastage
Love's Labor's Lost2011Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Love's Labour's Lost2011Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
MACBETH2011Marin Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Macbeth2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Macbeth2011Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Macbeth2011Heart of America Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Measure for Measure2011Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Merry Wives of Windsor2011Annapolis Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Much Ado About Nothing2011The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Much Ado About Nothing2011The Old GlobeUSAstage
Much Ado About Nothing2011Shakespeare by the Sea - Los AngelesUSAstage
Othello2011Folger Shakespeare LibraryUSAstage
Richard III2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Richard III2011Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Romeo and Juliet2011The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Romeo and Juliet2011Colorado Shakespeare FestivalCanadastage
THE TEMPEST2011Marin Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
The African Company Presents Richard III2011Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Comedy of Errors2011Hudson Valley Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Comedy of Errors2011Colorado Shakespeare FestivalCanadastage
The Comedy of Errors2011Victoria Shakespeare SocietyCanadastage
The Comedy of Errors2011Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyCanadastage
The Comedy of Errors2011Shakespeare Orange CountyUSAstage
The Merchant of Venice2011Big Ideas ClubCanadastage
The Merry Wives of Windsor2011Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Merry Wives of Windsor2011Annapolis Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
The Tempest2011The Old GlobeUSAstage
The Tempest2011USAstage
The Two Gentlemen of Verona2011Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Timon of Athens2011The Shakespeare Theatre of New JerseyUSAstage
Troilus und Cressida2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Twelfth Night2011Phoenix Theatre, University of VictoriaCanadastage
Twelfth Night2011Annapolis Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Twelfth Night2011St. Lawrence Shakespeare FestivalCanadastage
Twelfth Night2011Annapolis Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Viel Larm um Nichts2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Was ihr wollt2011Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage