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Shakespeare in Performance: Year

Productions made in the year 2008

A Midsummer Night's Dream2008British Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2008Shakespeare's GlobeUKstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2008Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2008The EggInternationalstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2008Clwyd Theatr CymruUKstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2008Unicorn TheatreUKstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2008Canadastage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2008Langham Court (Victoria Theatre Guild)Canadastage
All's Well That Ends Well2008Shakespeare Santa CruzUSAstage
All's Well That Ends Well2008Saint John Shakespeare FestivalCanadastage
All's Well That Ends Well2008Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome2008The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
As You Like It2008The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
As You Like It2008Oxford Triptych TheatreUKstage
As You Like It2008St. Lawrence Shakespeare FestivalCanadastage
Comedy of Errors2008African-American Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Coriolanus2008Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Der Kaufmann von Venedig2008Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Die Rosenkriege2008BurgtheaterAustriastage
En attendant le Songe2008Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Ende gut, alles gut2008Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Falstaff2008Welsh National OperaUKstage
Filter's Twelfth Night2008Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Hamlet2008The EggUKstage
Hamlet2008Shakespeare 4 KidzUKstage
Hamlet2008The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Hamlet2008Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Hamlet2008The FactoryUKstage
Hamlet2008The Tobacco FactoryUKstage
Hamlet2008Cube Theatre CompanyUKstage
Hamlet2008Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Henry IV Part 12008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Henry IV Part 22008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Henry V2008Maverick TheatreUKstage
Henry V, Lion of England2008Maverick TheatreUKstage
Henry VI Part 12008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Henry VI Part 22008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Henry VI Part 32008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Henry the Eighth2008Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
I'll Be The Devil2008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Julius Caesar2008Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
King Lear2008Shakespeare's GlobeUKstage
King Lear2008Pennsylvania Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
King Lear2008Nebraska Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
King Lear2008Trevor NunnUKrecorded
La Mégère à peu près apprivoisée2008Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Love's Labour's Lost2008Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Love's Labour's Lost2008Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Love's Labours Lost2008Brentwood TheatreUKstage
Love's Labours Lost2008Drama Centre LondonUKstage
Macbeth2008Brentwood TheatreUKstage
Macbeth2008Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Measure For Measure2008Creation TheatreUKstage
Much Ado About Nothing2008Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Much Ado About Nothing2008Red Shift Theatre CompanyUKstage
Much Ado About Nothing2008Nebraska Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Much Ado About Nothing2008Victoria Shakespeare SocietyCanadastage
Noughts And Crosses2008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Othello2008Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Othello2008Zaib ShaikhCanadarecorded
Othello2008Brentwood Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Portia, My Love2008St. Lawrence Shakespeare FestivalCanadastage
Richard II2008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Richard II2008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Richard III2008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Richard III2008Instant Classics TheatreUKstage
Richard III2008Scott AndersonUSArecorded
Romeo and Juliet2008Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2008Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Romeo and Juliet2008Marc FriedmanUSArecorded
Romeo and Juliet2008Northern BroadsidesUKstage
Romeo and Juliet2008Dundee Rep EnsembleUKstage
Romeo and Juliet2008Old Joint Stock TheatreUKstage
Romeo and Juliet2008Shakespeare Santa CruzUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2008Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead2008Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Taming the Tempest2008Salisbury Playhouse CompanyInternationalstage
The Comedy of Errors2008Forum TheatreUKstage
The Comedy of Errors2008Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)2008The Reduced Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
The Glorious Moment2008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
The Herbal Bed2008Sutton Arts TheatreUKstage
The Kaos Dream2008Kaos TheatreUKstage
The Life of Timon2008CP Theatre ProductionsUKstage
The Merchant of Venice2008Galleon Theatre Company Ltd.UKstage
The Merchant of Venice2008St. Lawrence Shakespeare FestivalCanadastage
The Merchant of Venice2008Douglas MorseUKrecorded
The Resistable Rise Of Arturo Ui2008The LyricUKstage
The Schools' Shakespeare Festival2008Schools Shakespeare FestivalUKstage
The Taming Of The Shrew2008Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
The Taming of the Shrew2008The Tobacco FactoryUKstage
The Taming of the Shrew2008Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Tempest2008Love and MadnessUKstage
The Tempest2008Shakespeare 4 KidzUKstage
The Tempest2008Tara ArtsUKstage
The Tempest2008Victoria Shakespeare SocietyCanadastage
The Tempest and other Tales of the Sea2008York Theatre Royal Youth TheatreUKstage
The Winter's Tale2008Sacha ReichUSArecorded
There Reigns Love2008Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Titus Andronicus2008Richmond Shakespeare SocietyUKstage
Troilus and Cressida2008Cheek By JowlUKstage
Twelfth Night2008Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Twelfth Night2008Drama Centre LondonUKstage
Twelfth Night2008Pennsylvania Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Venus and Adonis2008The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Was Ihr Wollt2008Andreas MorellGermanyrecorded
Were the World Mine2008Tom GustafsonUSArecorded
Wyrd Sisters2008Bowthorpe StagersUKstage
Wyrd Sisters2008Henley PlayersUKstage
chamber lear2008CHAMBERshakespearecompanyScotlandstage
chamber richard II2008CHAMBERshakespearecompanyScotlandstage
„The Winter's Tale“ Das Wintermärchen2008Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage