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Shakespeare in Performance: Year

Productions made in the year 2005

A Midsummer Night's Dream2005British Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2005Victoria Shakespeare SocietyCanadastage
All's Well That Ends Well2005American Shakespeare CenterUSAstage
An Evening of Shakespeare's Women Characters2005Judith Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
As You Like It2005Guthrie TheaterUSAstage
As You Like It2005Bard on the BeachCanadastage
As You Like It2005Diane EnglertUSArecorded
As You Like It2005Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
As You Like It2005Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
As You Like It2005Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Coriolan2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Cymbeline2005Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Cymbeline2005Victoria Shakespeare SocietyCanadastage
Der Sturm2005Theater BielefeldGermanystage
Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet2005The Shakespeare CompanyCanadastage
Hamlet2005American Shakespeare CenterUSAstage
Hamlet2005Bard on the BeachCanadastage
Hamlet2005Shakespeare Company BerlinGermanystage
Hamlet2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Hamlet2005Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Hamlet2005Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Henry IV, Part 12005Pennsylvania Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Henry VIII2005Illinois Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Il Mercante di Venezia (Der Kaufmann von Venedig)2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Julius Caesar2005Shakespeare and CompanyUSAstage
Julius Caesar2005Saint John Shakespeare FestivalCanadastage
Julius Caesar2005Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
King John2005Shakespeare and CompanyUSAstage
King Lear2005Utah Shakespearean FestivalUSAstage
King Lear2005Idaho Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
König Johann2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Love's Labor's Lost2005Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Love's Labour's Lost2005River City Shakespeare Festival/Free Will PlayersCanadastage
Love's Labour's Lost2005Bard on the BeachCanadastage
Macbeth2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Macbeth2005Illinois Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Macbeth2005The Old GlobeUSAstage
Macbeth2005MET TheatreUSAstage
Measure for Measure2005The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Measure for Measure2005Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Much Ado About Nothing2005San Francisco Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Much Ado About Nothing2005Heart of America Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Othello2005Nebraska Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Othello2005Shakespeare Theatre CompanyUSAstage
Othello2005Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Pericles2005Nebraska Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Pericles2005Shakespeare by the Sea - HalifaxCanadastage
Pericles, Prince of Tyre2005Guthrie TheaterUSAstage
Richard III2005Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Richard III2005Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2005Pennsylvania Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2005River City Shakespeare Festival/Free Will PlayersCanadastage
Romeo and Juliet2005Marin Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2005Shakespeare on the SaskatchewanCanadastage
Romeo and Juliet2005Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Romeo und Julia2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead2005Bard on the BeachCanadastage
Shakespeare's Danish Play2005A Company of FoolsCanadastage
Shakespeare's NHL2005Upstart Crow Theatre GroupCanadastage
Shakespeare's Will2005River City Shakespeare Festival/Free Will PlayersCanadastage
Taming of the Shrew2005Shakespeare and CompanyUSAstage
The Comedy of Errors2005American Shakespeare CenterUSAstage
The Comedy of Errors2005Shakespeare Theatre CompanyUSAstage
The Comedy of Errors2005Shakespeare on the SaskatchewanCanadastage
The Comedy of Errors2005The Old GlobeUSAstage
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)2005Utah Shakespearean FestivalUSAstage
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)2005Idaho Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Knight of the Burning Pestle2005Marin Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
The Merchant of Venice2005Pennsylvania Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Merchant of Venice2005Shakespeare by the Sea - HalifaxCanadastage
The Merchant of Venice2005Brentwood Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
The Merry Wives of Windsor2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
The Tamer Tamed2005Shakespeare by the Sea - SydneyAustraliastage
The Tamer Tamed2005Shakespeare and CompanyUSAstage
The Taming of the Shrew2005Utah Shakespearean FestivalUSAstage
The Taming of the Shrew2005British Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
The Taming of the Shrew2005Shakespeare by the Sea - SydneyAustraliastage
The Taming of the Shrew2005First Folio Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Taming of the Shrew2005A Company of FoolsCanadastage
The Taming of the Shrew2005Idaho Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Tempest2005Shakespeare Festival of St. LouisUSAstage
The Tempest2005Shakespeare Theatre CompanyUSAstage
The Tempest2005Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
The Tempest2005Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Two Gentlemen of Verona2005The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
The Two Gentlemen of Verona2005The Shakespeare CompanyCanadastage
The Winter's Tale2005Shakespeare Santa CruzUSAstage
The Winter's Tale2005Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Winter's Tale2005The Old GlobeUSAstage
The Winter's Tale2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Twelfe Night, Or what you will2005St. Lawrence Shakespeare FestivalCanadastage
Twelfth Night2005Shakespeare Santa CruzUSAstage
Twelfth Night2005Illinois Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Twelfth Night2005Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Twelfth Night2005Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Twelfth Night2005Edgar ReynoldsUSArecorded
Two Gentlemen of Verona2005Marin Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Two Gentlemen of Verona2005Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Unexpected Shaxpere2005Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Viel Lärm um Nichts2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Wars of the Roses2005The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Was Ihr wollt2005Shakespeare Festival im Globe NeussGermanystage
Wie Es Euch Gefällt2005Theater BielefeldGermanystage
romeo and juliet2005CHAMBERshakespearecompanyIrelandstage