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Shakespeare in Performance: Year

Productions made in the year 2001

A Midsummer Night's Dream2001Shakespeare Santa CruzUSAstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2001Shakespeare and CompanyUSAstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream2001Pennsylvania Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Antony and Cleopatra2001The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Antony and Cleopatra2001Bard on the BeachCanadastage
Antony and Cleopatra2001Jason SmerakaCanadarecorded
As You Like It2001Nebraska Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
As You Like It2001Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
As You Like It2001Marin Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
As You Like It2001First Folio Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Coriolanus2001Shakespeare and CompanyUSAstage
Die Zähmung der Widerspenstigen2001Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Edward III2001Pacific Repertory TheatreUSAstage
Falstaff (2 Henry IV)2001Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Get Over It2001Tommy O'HaverUSArecorded
Hamlet2001Idaho Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Hamlet2001Upstart Crow Theatre GroupCanadastage
Hamlet2001Nebraska Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Hamlet2001Shakespeare Theatre CompanyUSAstage
Hamlet2001Marin Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Hamlet2001Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Henry V2001Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
I Henry IV2001Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Julius Caesar2001Shakespeare by the Sea - SydneyAustraliastage
Julius Caesar2001Utah Shakespearean FestivalUSAstage
Julius Caesar2001The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Julius Caesar2001Jason SmerakaCanadarecorded
King John2001Shakespeare and CompanyUSAstage
King John2001Houston Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
King John2001Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
King John2001Northern BroadsidesUKstage
King Lear2001Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Lear '87 Archive2001Jill GodmilowUSArecorded
Love's Labour's Lost2001Shakespeare on the SaskatchewanCanadastage
Macbeth2001First Folio Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Macbeth2001Shakespeare Santa CruzUSAstage
Macbeth2001British Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Measure for Measure2001Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Merchant Of Venice2001Trevor NunnUKrecorded
Much Ado About Nothing2001Idaho Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Much Ado About Nothing2001Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
My Kingdom2001Don BoydInternationalrecorded
O2001Tim Blake NelsonUSArecorded
Othello2001American Repertory TheatreUSAstage
Othello2001Geoffrey SaxInternationalrecorded
Pericles2001Shakespeare in Santa FeUSAstage
Queen Margaret2001Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Richard II2001American Repertory TheatreUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2001Shakespeare Festival of St. LouisUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2001Pennsylvania Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2001Houston Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2001Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet2001Brentwood Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Scotland, Pa2001Billy MorrissetteUSArecorded
Shakespeare's R and J2001The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
Shakespeare's Rugby Wars2001Upstart Crow Theatre GroupCanadastage
The Children's Midsummer Night's Dream2001Christine EdzardUKrecorded
The Comedy of Errors2001Shakespeare and CompanyUSAstage
The King is Alive2001Søren Kragh-JacobsenUSArecorded
The Merchant of Venice2001Shakespeare by the Sea - SydneyAustraliastage
The Merchant of Venice2001Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Merry Wives of Windsor2001Shakespeare on the SaskatchewanCanadastage
The Taming of the Shrew2001Bard on the BeachCanadastage
The Taming of the Shrew2001British Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
The Tempest2001Utah Shakespearean FestivalUSAstage
The Tempest2001Shakespeare and CompanyUSAstage
The Tempest2001The Bell Shakespeare CompanyAustraliastage
The Tempest2001Judith Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
The Tempest2001Atlanta Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
The Tempest Project2001Judith Shakespeare CompanyUSAstage
The Two Gentlemen of Verona2001Idaho Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Two Gentlemen of Verona2001Utah Shakespearean FestivalUSAstage
The Two Gentlemen of Verona2001Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Two Gentlemen of Verona2001Bard on the BeachCanadastage
The Two Gentlemen of Verona2001Shakespeare Theatre CompanyUSAstage
Twelfth Night2001Shakespeare in Santa FeUSAstage
Twelfth Night2001Shakespeare by the Sea - HalifaxCanadastage
Twelfth Night2001Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Verdi's Macbeth2001Switzerlandrecorded