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Shakespeare in Performance: Year

Productions made in the 1950's

A Midsummer Night's Dream1959Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Antony and Cleopatra1959Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
As You Like It1959Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Der Rest ist Schweigen [The Rest Is Silence]1959Helmut KäutnerGermanyrecorded
Hamlet1959Ralph NelsonGBrecorded
Hamlet: The Age of Elizabeth1959John BarnesUSArecorded
Julius Caesar1959Stuart BurgeGBrecorded
Life and Death of King John1959Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Macbeth1959Claude BarmaFrancerecorded
Macbeth1959Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Measure for Measure1959Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Más fuerte que el amor. (Kiss Me Kate)1959Tullio DemicheliMexicorecorded
Othello1959Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Richard II1959Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Sen Noci Svatojanske. [A Midsummer Night's Dream]1959Jirí TrnkaCzechoslovakiarecorded
The Life and Death of Sir John Falstaff: The Gadshill Job1959GBrecorded
Twelfth Night1959Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Was Ihr Wollt1959Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
A Midsummer Night's Dream1958Rudolph CartierGBrecorded
Baylor Theatre's Hamlet1958Gene McKinneyUSArecorded
Hamlet1958Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
I Henry IV1958Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Julius Caesar1958Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Julius Caesar1958Eric SalmonUSArecorded
King Lear1958Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Kiss Me Kate1958George SchaeferUSArecorded
Macbeth1958Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Merchant of Venice1958Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Much Ado About Nothing1958Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Much Ado About Nothing1958Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Ages of Man1958Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Merchant of Venice1958Eric SalmonUSArecorded
The Taming of the Shrew1958Colorado Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Two Gentlemen of Verona1958Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Winter's Tale1958Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Troilus and Cressida1958Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
A Midsummer Night's Dream1957Michael BenthallGBrecorded
As You Like It1957Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Hamlet1957Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Henry VIII1957Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
King John1957Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
Kumonosu-Djo (The Castle of the Spider's Web). [Throne of Blood]1957Akira KurosawaJapanrecorded
Othello1957Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Pericles1957Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Life of Henry V1957Peter DewsGBrecorded
The Story of Mankind1957Irwin AllenUSArecorded
The Two Gentlemen of Verona1957Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Twelfth Night1957Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Twelfth Night: or, What You Will1957David GreeneUSArecorded
Cymbeline1956Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung1956Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Forbidden Planet1956Fred McLeod WilcoxUSArecorded
Hamlet1956Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Henry V1956Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Henry V1956Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Jubal1956Delmer DavesUSArecorded
Kean1956Vittorio GassmanItalyrecorded
King John1956American Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Love's Labour's Lost1956Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Mnogo shuma iz nichevo. [Much Ado about Nothing]1956L. ZamkovoiUSSRrecorded
Richard III1956Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Romeo and Juliet1956Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Merry Wives of Windsor1956Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Taming of the Shrew1956Robert HartungUSArecorded
The Tempest1956GBrecorded
Titus Andronicus1956Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
"To Be or Not to Be": Some Views of Shakespeare's Hamlet1955Seymour RobbieUSArecorded
Dvenadtsataia noch. [Twelfth Night, or What You Will]1955Yakov FriedUSSRrecorded
Hamlet1955Kishore SahuIndiarecorded
Joe Macbeth1955Ken HughesGBrecorded
Julius Caesar1955GBrecorded
Julius Caesar1955Daniel PetrieUSArecorded
Julius Caesar1955Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
La mégère apprivoisée/La fierecilla domada1955Antonio RománInternationalrecorded
Othello1955Tony RichardsonGBrecorded
Othello1955William de Lane Learecorded
Richard III1955Laurence OlivierGBrecorded
Richard III: by William Shakespeare with Some Interpolations by David Garrick and Colley Cibber1955Laurence OlivierGBrecorded
Romeo and Juliet1955Dallas BowerGBrecorded
The Merchant of Venice1955GBrecorded
The Merchant of Venice1955Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Merry Wives of Windsor1955Glen Byam ShawGBrecorded
A Midsummer Night's Dream1954USArecorded
Broken Lance1954Edward DmytrykUSArecorded
Ein Sommernachtstraum1954Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Giulietta e Romeo. [Romeo and Juliet]1954Renato CastellaniInternationalrecorded
King Lear1954USArecorded
Macbeth1954George SchaeferUSArecorded
Measure for Measure1954Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Prince of Players1954Eli DunnUSArecorded
Richard II1954George SchaeferUSArecorded
Romeo and Juliet1954USSRrecorded
Romeo and Juliet1954USArecorded
The Comedy of Errors1954GBrecorded
The Merry Wives of Windsor1954USArecorded
The Taming of the Shrew1954Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
Ages of Man1953USArecorded
All's Well That Ends Well1953Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
As You Like It1953GBrecorded
Hamlet1953Albert McCleeryUSArecorded
Henry V1953GBrecorded
Henry V1953USArecorded
Julius Caesar1953Joseph L. MankiewiczUSArecorded
King John1953The Old VicUKstage
King John1953Harrow SchoolUKstage
King Lear1953Peter BrookUSArecorded
Kiss Me Kate1953George SidneyUSArecorded
Othello1953David GreeneCanadarecorded
Richard III1953Stratford Festival of CanadaCanadastage
The Moor's Pavane1953Jose LimonUSArecorded
This Is Charles Laughton1953USArecorded
Henry V1952Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Il mercante di Venezia: Le marchand de Venise1952Pierre BillonInternationalrecorded
King John1952GBrecorded
King John1952Francestage
Le rideau rouge: Ce soir, on joue Macbeth1952André BarsacqFrancerecorded
Much Ado About Nothing1952Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Life and Death of King John1952Adelaide Repertory TheatreAustraliastage
The Merry Wives of Windsor1952Julian AmyesGBrecorded
The Taming of the Shrew1952GBrecorded
The Tempest1952Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar1952Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice: A Motion Picture Adaptation of the Play by William Shakespeare1952Orson WellesInternationalrecorded
The Two Gentlemen of Verona1952GBrecorded
Antony and Cleopatra1951GBrecorded
Coriolanus1951Paul NickellUSArecorded
Julius Caesar1951GBrecorded
Julius Caesar1951Leonard BrettGBrecorded
King John1951Englandstage
King Lear1951Oregon Shakespeare FestivalUSAstage
Macbeth1951Franklin SchaffnerUSArecorded
Macbeth1951Katherine StenholmUSArecorded
Romeo Land1951Hamilton WrightUSArecorded
Romeo and Juliet1951USArecorded
As You Like It1950The Theatre GuildUSAstage
Die Komödie der Irrungen1950Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor1950George WildhagenGermanyrecorded
König Johann1950Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Maß für Maß1950Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Othello1950Delbert MannUSArecorded
Richard II1950GBrecorded
Richard III1950USArecorded
Shakespeare og Kronborg1950Jørgen RoosDenmarkrecorded
The Taming of the Shrew1950Paul NickellUSArecorded
Tragedy of Othello1950GBrecorded
Twelfth Night1950GBrecorded
Viel Lärm um Nichts1950Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage
Wie Es Euch Gefällt1950Staatsschauspiel DresdenGermanystage