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Shakespeare in Performance: Year

Productions made between 1900 and 1909

A Midsummer Night's Dream1909Charles KentUSArecorded
As You Like It1909UKstage
King John1909Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
King John1909USAstage
King Lear1909William RanousUSArecorded
Le song d'une nuit d'été, d'après Shakespeare1909Francerecorded
Macbeth1909Mario CaseriniItalyrecorded
Much Ado about Nothing1909Sigmund LubinUSArecorded
Othello1909Gerolamo Lo SavioItalyrecorded
Antony and Cleopatra1908Charles KentUSArecorded
As You Like It1908Kenean BuelUSArecorded
As You Like It1908UKstage
Julius Caesar1908William RanousUSArecorded
Richard III1908William V. RanousUSArecorded
Romeo and Juliet1908William V. RanousUSArecorded
Romeo and Juliet1908Mario CaseriniItalyrecorded
The Comedy of Errors1908USArecorded
The Taming of the Shrew1908USArecorded
The Taming of the Shrew1908UKstage
The Tempest1908GBrecorded
As You Like It1907Herbert Beerbohm TreeUKstage
Hamlet1907Georges MélièsFrancerecorded
King John1907USAstage
Othello1907Mario CaseriniItalyrecorded
Othello1907Oskar MessterGermanyrecorded
Shakespeare Writing Julius Caesar1907Georges MélièsFrancerecorded
As You Like It1906UKstage
As You Like It1905Coburn Shakespearean PlayersUSAstage
Duel Scene from Macbeth1905USArecorded
King Lear1905Germanyrecorded
Seven Ages of Man1903Thomas EdisonUSArecorded
Burlesque on Romeo and Juliet1902Georges MélièsUSArecorded
Le miroir de Venise: Une mesaventure de Shylock1902Georges MélièsFrancerecorded
King John1901Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage