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Shakespeare in Performance: Year

Productions made in the 1800's

Cleopatra1899Georges MélièsFrancerecorded
King John1899Herbert Beerbohm TreeUKrecorded
King John1899Herbert Beerbohm TreeUKstage
As You Like It1897USAstage
As You Like It1896UKstage
King John1891UKstage
As You Like It1890UKstage
As You Like It1890UKstage
King John1890UKstage
King John1890Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
King John1889Herbert Beerbohm TreeUKstage
As You Like It1885UKstage
King John1885UKstage
As You Like It1880Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
As You Like It1879Royal Shakespeare CompanyUKstage
King John1874USAstage
King John1866UKstage
King John1865The Drury Lane CompanyUKstage
King John1862UKstage
King John1858UKstage
King John1852UKstage
King John1851UKstage
King John1849Macready'sUKstage
King John1846Macready'sUSAstage
King John1844Macready'sUKstage
As You Like It1842Their Majesties' ServantsUKstage
King John1842Macready'sUKstage
King John1840UKstage
King John1836UKstage
King John1834USAstage
King John1834UKstage
King John1832USAstage
King John1827UKstage
The Tragedy of King John1824Scotlandstage
King John1823Macready'sUKstage
King John1822UKstage
King John1819stage
King John1818Their Majesties' ServantsUKstage
King John1816UKstage
King John1804Kemble'sUKstage
King John1803UKstage
King John1801Their Majesties' ServantsUKstage
King John; Or, England Invaded1800Their Majesties' ServantsUKstage