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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Titus Andronicus (1956, Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

TitleTitus Andronicus
Theater CompanyOregon Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1956-08-24
End Date1956-08-29
Play ConnectionsTitus Andronicus (performance)
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Cast Overview

Titus AndronicusDon Gunderson
Marcus AndronicusBrad Curits
LuciusMichael F. Kasdan
MartiusPhilip Jacobus
QuintusRichard Cavett
MutiusRudolf E. Vest Jr.
LaviniaNancy Pickhardt
Young LuciusMichael Cotton
PubliusJames Grant Kahlo
CaiusEberle Thomas
SemproniusRudolf E. Vest Jr.
SaturniusRay Alexander
SaturniusDavid O'Brien
ClownArt Silva
TamoraIrene G. Baird
AlarbusMarvin C. Burkman
DemetriusHugh Wilson
AaronWilliam Oyler
NurseLynne Poaletti
GothsRobert Brand
GothsEdward S. Brubaker
GothsMarvin C. Burkman
GothsRichard Cavett
GothsRichard Graham
GothsDavid O'Brien
GothsJames Parker
GothsLyman S. Pruitt
Roman SoldierRobert Brand
Roman SoldierLee Haring
Roman SoldierRosalyn Newport
Roman SoldierArt Silva
Roman SoldierEberle Thomas
Roman LordRichard Graham
Roman LordPhilip Jacobus
Roman SoldierAlice Lauterer
AemiliusSteve Pavlisin
Roman LordTed Van Griethuysen
AemiliusGordon M. Wickstrom

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorHal J. Todd
Assistant DirectorLee Haring
Costume DesignerDouglas A. Russell
ComposerBernard Windt
Technical DirectorEdward S. Brubaker
Technical DirectorRichard L. Hay
Production Stage ManagerEdward S. Brubaker
Assistant Stage ManagerGordon M. Wickstrom
MakeupRichard Graham
WardrobeDoris Viola
LightingJoan Kugell
LightingDavid Thayer
SoundMert Cramer
PropertiesLynne Paoleti
OtherInge Schmidt

Company Overview

Theater Company Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Oregon Shakespeare Festival [website]