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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Macbeth (2004, Bard on the Beach)

Theater CompanyBard on the Beach
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2004-06-03
End Date2004-09-26
Play ConnectionsMacbeth (performance)
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Cast Overview

MacbethDonald Adams
Lady MacbethHilary Strang
DuncanDouglas Campbell
Young MacduffMichael Young
MalcolmTorquil Campbell
DonalbainChad Hershler
BanquoPaul Moniz de Sa
MacduffTodd Thomson
Lady MacduffMoya O'Connell
LennoxTobias Slezak
RossTom Pickett
FleanceSasha Torchinsky
SiwardDouglas Campbell
Young SiwardChad Hershler
WitchNicola Correia-Damude
WitchMoya O'Connell
WitchHilary Strang
SeytonMoya O'Connell
English DoctorPaul Moniz de Sa
PorterDouglas Campbell
GentlewomanNicola Correla-Damude
MurdererTorquil Campbell
MurdererChad Hershler
MurdererTom Pickett
Wounded SoldierTodd Thomson

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorMoira Wylie
Costume DesignerMs. Mara Gottler
Set DesignerYvan Morrisette
Lighting DesignerGerald King
Sound DesignerNoah Drew
Sound Designer/ComposerNoah Drew
Fight DirectorMr. Nicholas Harrison
Technical DirectorMichael Gall
Production Stage ManagerJoanne P. B. Smith
Assistant Stage ManagerAlishia Harris
Wigs DesignerStacey Butterworth
Props BuilderLaura Farn
Scenic ConstructionChristine Kavalec
ElectricianChris Oliver
CarpenterRolf Reynolds
CarpenterKeith Smith
CarpenterLorraine West

Company Overview

Theater Company Bard on the Beach

Production information courtesy of: Bard on the Beach [website]