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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

As You Like It (1967, National Theatre Company)

TitleAs You Like It
Theater CompanyNational Theatre Company
Release LocationsUK
Start Date1967-10-03
Play ConnectionsAs You Like It (performance)
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Cast Overview

Duke SeniorPaul Curran
RosalindRonald Pickup
Duke FrederickFrank Wylie
CeliaCharles Kay
OliverNeil Fitzpatrick
JaquesStuart Campbell
OrlandoJeremy Brett
AdamHarry Lomax
DennisNigel Lambert
Le BeauLeonard Pearce
CharlesJohn Flint
TouchstoneDerek Jacobi
AmiensRoderick Horn
JaquesRobert Stephens
CorinGerald James
SilviusJohn McEnery
PhoebeRichard Kay
WilliamAlan Adams
AudreyAnthony Hopkins
Sir Oliver MartextOliver Cotton
HymenGrayston Burgess
HymenGeoffrey Mitchell

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorClifford Williams
DesignerRalph Koltai
LightingRobert Ornbo
LightingJohn B. Read
SoundMarc Wilkinson
Stage ManagerJohn Rothenburg

Company Overview

Theater Company National Theatre Company

Production information courtesy of: The Royal National Theatre [website]