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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

As You Like It (1842, Their Majesties' Servants)

TitleAs You Like It
Theater CompanyTheir Majesties' Servants
Release LocationsUK
Start Date1842-11-24
Play ConnectionsAs You Like It (performance)
Media Collections

Cast Overview

Duke SeniorMr. Ryder
Rosalind SenoirMrs. Louisa Cranstoun Nisbett
Duke FrederickG. Bennett
Celia SenoirMrs. Stirling
Oliver de BoysMr. Graham
Jaques de BoysMr. Lynne
AdamMr. Phelps
DennisMr. Ellis
Le BeauMr. Hudson
CharlesMr. Howell
TouchstoneMr. Keeley
AmiensMr. Allen
JaquesWilliam Charles Macready
CorinW. Bennett
SilviusMr. Stanton
PhebeMrs. Serle
WilliamMr. Compton
AudreyMrs. Keeley
Sir Oliver MartextMr. Mellon
First LordMr. Elton
Second LordH. Phillips

Production Team and Crew Overview

ProducerWilliam Charles Macready
SceneryMr. Charles Marshall

Company Overview

Theater Company Their Majesties' Servants

Production information courtesy of: Performance Chronicle Gatekeeper [website]