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King John (1793)

TitleKing John
Theater Company
Release LocationsUK
Start Date1793
Play ConnectionsKing John (performance)

Cast Overview

King JohnKemble
Queen EleanorMrs. Ward
Arthur, Duke of BrittaineMaster Du Camp
ConstanceMrs. Sarah Siddons
Blanche of SpainMiss Collins
Lady FaulconbridgeMrs. Cuyler
Philip Faulconbridge, the BastardPalmer
Robert FaulconbridgeWaldron
Earl of PembrokeDignum
Earl of EssexCaulfield
Earl of SalisburyWhitfield
Hubert de BurghBensley
King Philip of FranceJames Aickin
Prince Lewis the DauphinBarrymore
Duke Limoges of AustriaPhillimore
Cardinal PandulphPacker