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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

A Reading of The Merry Wives of Prescott (2009, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival)

TitleA Reading of The Merry Wives of Prescott
Theater CompanySt. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2009-07-26
End Date2009-07-26
Play ConnectionsThe Merry Wives of Windsor (adaptation)
SettingPrescott, Ontario in the last week of June 1910, its centenary year
Media Collections

Cast Overview

Sir John FalstaffGreg Kramer
Nicholas FentonPerry Mucci
Hubert ShelvingsEmma Hunter
Abraham SlenderWarren Bain
Frank FordJohn Koensgen
George PageMichael MacDonald
Willa Page, 11Heather Timms
Dr. Hercule CaillouKris Joseph
Gustav HostDavid Whiteley
BardolphBrent Buchanan
PistolCraig Walker
SimpleLana Sugarman
Alice FordAlix Sideris
Meg PageDoreen Taylor-Claxton
Anne Page, 16Maddy Palmer
Mrs. QuicklyCharlotte Gowdy
JamesJames King
RobertMalcolm Scott

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorCraig Walker
DramaturgCraig Walker
Written byJohn Lazarus
Stage ManagerSarah Cutfield

Company Overview

Theater Company St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival [website]