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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Measure for Measure (2009, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival)

TitleMeasure for Measure
Theater CompanySt. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2009-07-14
End Date2009-08-15
Play ConnectionsMeasure for Measure (performance)
SettingVienna, early 1900s
Media Collections

Cast Overview

VincentioCraig Walker
AngeloKris Joseph
EscalusJohn Koensgen
ClaudioKris Joseph
IsabellaEmma Hunter
JuliettaLana Sugarman
MarianaCharlotte Gowdy
LucioGreg Kramer
A ProvostWarren Bain
First GentlemanMichael MacDonald
Second GentlemanPerry Mucci
Friar PeterDavid Whiteley
ElbowMichael MacDonald
FrothPerry Mucci
Mistress OverdoneAlix Sideris
PompeyBrent Buchanan
AbhorsonPerry Mucci
BarnardineMichael MacDonald
FrancescaDoreen Taylor-Claxton
Servants, Officers, Citizens, TrampsJames King
Servants, Officers, Citizens, TrampsMaddy Palmer
Servants, Officers, Citizens, TrampsMalcolm Scott
Servants, Officers, Citizens, TrampsHeather Timms

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorCraig Walker
Assistant DirectorMatthew John Lundvall
Set and Costume DesignAndrea Robertson
Stage ManagerSarah Cutfield
Assistant Stage ManagerKathleen White
Music DirectionDoreen Taylor-Claxton

Company Overview

Theater Company St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival [website]