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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Macbeth (2005, MET Theatre)

Theater CompanyMET Theatre
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2005-11-11
End Date2005-12-18
Play ConnectionsMacbeth (performance)
Media Collections

Cast Overview

MacbethRobert Tobin
Lady MacbethJulie Ann Hassett
MalcolmMichael Hovance
BanquoRendon Ramsey
MacduffJohn Rocha
VariousJoseph Beck
VariousAdam Burch
VariousSummer Sinclair
VariousBarbara Suiter
VariousCraig Wadlin

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJosh Costello
Costume DesignDawn Worrall
Set DesignBo Crowell
Fight ChoreographyChristopher Morrison
Stage ManagerLea Tobin
Voice and Text CoachCaroline Ducrocq
Board OpJuliana Johnson

Company Overview

Theater Company MET Theatre

Production information courtesy of: Josh Costello [website] Robert Tobin