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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

The Life and Death of King John (1952, Adelaide Repertory Theatre)

TitleThe Life and Death of King John
Theater CompanyAdelaide Repertory Theatre
Release LocationsAustralia
Start Date1952-06-06
End Date1952-06-07
Play ConnectionsKing John (performance)
SettingEngland and France
Media Collections

Cast Overview

King JohnFrank Gunnell
Queen ElinorJoan McDonald
Prince HenryMaurice Clarke
ArthurMichael Best
ConstanceVivienne Oldfield
Blanche of SpainAnn Haddy
Lady FaulconbridgeWinifred Whittle
Philip the BastardRonald Peterson
Robert FaulconbridgeKeith Milner
Earl of PembrokeClem O'Donoghue
Earl of SalisburyStuart Darby
Lord BigotBruce Victorsen
Hubert de BurghDonald Gilham
Peter of PomfretLeo Heffernan
English HeraldTerry McDermott
ExecutionerPeter McDonald
ExecutionerKeith Milner
PhilipDonald Noblet
LewisEvan Siewertsz
LymogesRobert Perry
MelunBrian Billings
ChatillonHarry Twining
French HeraldBill Menz
Citizen of AngiersLeo Heffernan
Cardinal PandulphGordon McDougall
Austrian SoldierFrancis Cain
French SoldierFred Cannon
English SoldierIan Hannan
English SoldierRobert Kidman
French SoldierCarl Menz
French SoldierJohn Riebe
Austrian SoldierIvan Stacey
Other CitizenMaurice Clarke
Other CitizenCecil Merritt
AttendantDavid Ellis
AttendantPeter McDonald
A FriarCecil Merritt

Production Team and Crew Overview

ProductionRuby Litchfield
ProductionRonald Peterson
SettingsIrving Johnston
CostumesMaurice Clarke
CostumesMimi Mattin
WigsDavid Page
CostumesJean Wagland
LightingJohn Cleary
LightingJack Lapidge
Music and EffectsDouglas Anders
Music and EffectsDouglas Black
MountingsMalcolm Goldsworthy
MountingsPeter McDonald

Company Overview

Theater Company Adelaide Repertory Theatre

Production information courtesy of: Michael Best