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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Twelfth Night (1981, Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

TitleTwelfth Night
Theater CompanyOregon Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1981-07
End Date1981-10
Play ConnectionsTwelfth Night (performance)

Cast Overview

ViolaLinda Alper
OrsinoRichard Elmore
OliviaJoan Stuart-Morris
FesteSam Pond
Sir Toby BelchWayne Ballantyne
Sir Andrew AguecheekLawrence Paulsen
MalvolioLarry Friedlander
FabianStuart Duckworth
MariaJeanne Paulsen
SebastianBruce T. Gooch
AntonioBill Geisslinger
A Sea CaptainMichael Cadigan
ValentinePaul Duke
CurioBob Jones
A PriestJeffrey Woolf
A SailorJ. Wesley Huston
OfficerMichael Cadigan
OfficerJ. Wesley Huston
MusicianAnne Hodgkinson
MusicianJulia Vander Schaaf
MusicianMary M. Waller
GentlemanMichael Cadigan
GentlemanJ. Wesley Huston

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorPat Patton
Costume DesignerDeborah M. Dryden
Setting and Properties DesignerRichard L. Hay
Lighting DesignerRichard Riddell
Stage ManagerDavid W. Brock
Assistant Stage ManagerSusan Rawlings
Music AdaptationTodd Barton
Production ManagerPat Patton
Dance AssistanceJoAnn Johnson Patton

Company Overview

Theater Company Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Oregon Shakespeare Festival [website]