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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Henry IV, Part One (1981, Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

TitleHenry IV, Part One
Theater CompanyOregon Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1981-07
End Date1981-10
Play ConnectionsHenry IV, Part 1 (performance)

Cast Overview

King Henry IVRichard Riehle
Henry, Prince of Wales (Hal)Dennis Smith
Prince John of LancasterSam Pond
Earl of WestmorelandBob Jones
Sir Walter BluntSteven Patterson
Thomas Percy, Earl of WorcesterJeffrey Woolf
Henry Percy, Earl of NorthumberlandMichael Newell
Henry Percy (Hotspur)Barry Kraft
Edmund Mortimer, Glendower's Son-in-LawJames Carpenter
Archibald, Earl of DouglasBruce T. Gooch
Owen GlendowerPhilip Davidson
Sir Richard VernonTraber Burns
Sir John FalstaffCal Winn
PoinsBill Geisslinger
Master GadshillDan Mayes
PetoJames Finnegan
BardolphRichard Elmore
Lady Percy, Hotspur's WifeJeanne Paulsen
Lady Mortimer, Glendower's DaughterMary M. Waller
Mistress Quickly, Hostess of the Boar's Head TavernKathleen Brady
SheriffEric Ness
John Harding, Hotspur's SquireRandall Stuart
Francis, a waiterMichael Cadigan
GuardGary A. Christianson
Seeress to the GlendowersCarol Ernst
GuardKevin Loomis
GuardDavid Michael LoVine
GuardJohn Whiteside

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJames Edmondson
Costume DesignerBarbara Affonso
Setting and Property DesignerRichard L. Hay
Lighting DesignerRichard Riddell
Music ComposerTodd Barton
Fight ChoreographerPeter D. Giffin
Stage ManagerK. Wynne West
Assistant Stage ManagerPeter W. Allen
Production ManagerPat Patton
Script ConsultantHilary Tate

Company Overview

Theater Company Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Oregon Shakespeare Festival [website]