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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Troilus and Cressida (1995, Judith Shakespeare Company)

TitleTroilus and Cressida
Theater CompanyJudith Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1995-05-21
End Date1995-05-24
Play ConnectionsTroilus and Cressida (reading(s))
SettingTroy, a Greek military camp, and on the battlefield between
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Cast Overview

PriamGary Lamadore
HectorNeil Larson
TroilusNathan Steury
ParisDon Garrity
ParisPhilip Hernandez
ParisTam Johnson
DeiphobusKittra Wynn Coomer
DeiphobusTam Johnson
HelenusHelen Mutch
MargarelonKittra Wynn Coomer
CassandraAlithea H. Hages
AndromacheHelen Mutch
AeneasEve Holbrook
AntenorKittra Wynn Coomer
AntenorTam Johnson
CalchasLinda Tvrdy
CressidaLisa Walker
PandarusJeffrey Shoemaker
AgamemnonKate Konigisor
MenelausKevin LeCaon
HelenAlexia Murray
AchillesRobert Adanto
AjaxKevin Elden
UlyssesAnne Capron
NestorPaul Barry
DiomedesJohn Carroll
PatroclusMichael DiGioia
ThersitesKathleen Brant
ThersitesRichie McCall
AlexanderKittra Wynn Coomer
Servant to TroilusLinda Tvrdy
Servant to ParisAngela Palmer
Servant to DiomedesAngela Palmer
Soldier in Sumptuous ArmorAlithea H. Hages
Palace MusicianHazel Broutsche
Palace MusicianHui Cox
Palace MusicianKathy Devine
Palace MusicianMarie Mularczyk
MyrmidonAlexia Murray
MyrmidonAngela Palmer
PrologueAngela Palmer
Palace MusicianJohn Pepple
MyrmidonLinda Tvrdy

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJoanne Zipay
Pandarus' Song ComposerKathy Devine
MovementJune Ekman
MovementJoan Evans
MovementSara Grindle
MovementDan O'Driscoll
Stage ManagerGregg Simmons
VoiceDonna Germain
LightsGregg Simmons
Musical DirectorKathy Devine
TextDavid Landon

Company Overview

Theater Company Judith Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: Judith Shakespeare Company [website]