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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

King John (1996, Judith Shakespeare Company)

TitleKing John
Theater CompanyJudith Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1996-11-24
End Date1996-11-26
Play ConnectionsKing John (reading(s))
SettingEngland and France
Media Collections

Cast Overview

King JohnJeffrey Shoemaker
EleanorKathleen Brant
EleanorJacqueline Noguera
Prince HenryDon Garrity
ArthurSarah Thurmond
ConstanceJoyia D. Bradley
Blanche of SpainKelli Cruz
Lady FaulconbridgeRobin Flanagan
Philip FaulconbridgeGodfrey L. Simmons, Jr.
Robert FaulconbridgeDan O'Driscoll
James GurneyDon Garrity
The Earl of PembrokeJoy Dixon
The Earl of SalisburyAlithea H. Hages
The Earl of SalisburyLisa Walker
The Lord BigotRobin Flanagan
Hubert de BurghDan O'Driscoll
Peter of PomfretKathleen Brant
Peter of PomfretJacqueline Noguera
English HeraldJoy Dixon
French MessengerJoyia D. Bradley
English MessengerKelli Cruz
English ExecutionerKathleen Brant
English ExecutionerJacqueline Noguera
King PhilipPhilip Hernandez
Duke of AustriaDon Garrity
Viscount of MelunLillian K. Minnich
ChatillionLillian K. Minnich
French HeraldLillian K. Minnich
CitizenJoanne Zipay
Cardinal PandulphJoanne Zipay
DrummerSan Fadyl

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorKathleen Brant
Assistant DirectorAlithea H. Hages
DramaturgJoanne Zipay
Stage ManagerSharon Rum
Assistant Stage ManagerDavid Reichhold
Verse CoachJoanne Zipay

Company Overview

Theater Company Judith Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: Judith Shakespeare Company [website]