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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Hamlet (2007, Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss)

Theater CompanyShakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss
Release LocationsGermany
Start Date2007-06-04
End Date2007-06-05
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)
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A Rheinische Landestheater production.

Rheinische Landestheater — Added 2008-11-14

Cast Overview

Cast MemberSemi Al-Ataweh
Cast MemberChristopher Bieker
Cast MemberPhilipp Brehl
OpheliaStephanie Breselow
GertrudeHergard Engert
Cast MemberAndré Felgenhauer
Cast MemberJochen Ganser
Cast MemberHerrmann Große-Berg
Cast MemberNiels Hansen
Cast MemberSven Hoffmann
Cast MemberTim Knapper
Cast MemberPeter Liebaug
Cast MemberAtilla Oener
Cast MemberHannes Schäfer
HamletAurel von Arx
Cast MemberMark Weigel
Cast MemberTim Wolff
Cast MemberKai Wolters

Production Team and Crew Overview

Directed by (Inszenierung)Sylvia Richter
Dramaturgy (Dramaturgie)Johannes Blum
Set and Costume Design (Bühne und Kostüme)Peter N. Schultze
Music and Videos (Musik und Videos)Jochen Hartman-Hitler

Company Overview

Playgroup Das Rheinische Landestheater Neuss
Theater Company Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss [website]