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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

The Merchant of Venice (2003, Saint John Shakespeare Festival)

TitleThe Merchant of Venice
Theater CompanySaint John Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2004-07-17
End Date2004-07-26
Play ConnectionsThe Merchant of Venice (performance)
SettingVenice and Belmont
Media Collections

Cast Overview

ShylockRichard Roy
AntonioPeter Hinkley
BassanioJames Miller
PortiaLisa Miller
NerissaAnne Furey
Duke of VeniceDoug Fillmore
Prince of MoroccoChris Galbraith
Prince of ArragonJud Crandall
SalanioJamie Hirtle
SalarinoDave Arthurs
GratianoJonathan Springthorpe
LorenzoGregory Davis
JessicaRobyn Scott
TubalMichael Thomas
LauncelotTodd Ross
Old GobboBob Vienneau
JailerAlex Hannah
Servant to PortiaJackie Stroud

Production Team and Crew Overview

Director/ProducerElizabeth Chase
Set/Poster/Program DesignerElizabeth Chase
ChoreographyElizabeth Chase
MakeupEmily Bartlett
HairWoody Comeau
WardrobeMartine Cote-Barnwell
MakeupTrish Ellsworth
HairSusan Willis
MusicAndrew Aulenback
MusicAnn Kerry
MusicStuart McKenzie
Scenic ArtistTina Artesona
PropertiesKristen Springthorpe
PropertiesMichael Thomas
Additional CrewNeil Abraham
Additional CrewSamantha Arnott-Parker
Additional CrewLydia Calhoun
PromotionElizabeth Chase
PromotionGregory Davis
Additional CrewAllison Ervin
Additional CrewJessica Ervin
PromotionChris Galbraith
PromotionPeter Hinkley
PromotionPhilip Huggard
Additional CrewHayley Hyslop
Additional CrewStephanie Kincade
PromotionJames Miller
Additional CrewAmelia Porter
Additional CrewDee Stubbs
Additional CrewMonique Theriault

Company Overview

Theater Company Saint John Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Saint John Shakespeare Festival [website]