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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Henry IV, Part 1 (2004, Saint John Shakespeare Festival)

TitleHenry IV, Part 1
Theater CompanySaint John Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2005-07-22
End Date2005-07-24
Play ConnectionsHenry IV, Part 1 (performance)
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Cast Overview

King Henry IVScott Thomas
Henry, Prince of WalesTim Turnell
Prince John of LancasterJud Crandall
Earl of WestmorelandKeith Dickson
Sir Walter BluntChris Walsh
Thomas PercyPatrick Toner
Henry PercyGreg Springall
Henry Percy (Hotspur)Alex Goldrich
Edmund MortimerJay Rawding
ArchibaldB. Lee Williams
Owen GlendowerBob Vienneau
Sir Richard VernonDoug Fillmore
Sir John FalstaffJonathan Springthorpe
PoinsMichael Holmes-Lauder
GadshillScott Marshall
PetoPeter Jones
BardolphBrian Jennings
Lady PercyKristi Neilsen
Lady MortimerAnne Furey
Mistress QuicklyJackie Stroud
SoldierJohn McCarthy
SheriffAlex Hannah
Servant to HotspurSharon Searle
MessengerAl Johnson

Production Team and Crew Overview

Director/ProducerElizabeth Chase
Executive ProducerPhilip Huggard
Costume DesignerJulie Buckley
Costume DesignerMonique Theriault
Set/Poster/Program DesignElizabeth Chase
Master of DanceElizabeth Chase
Master of FightCarter Thompson
Costume/HairJulie Buckley
Costume/HairMartine Cote-Barnwell
Costume/HairAnna Maria Cucinelli
Chain Mail and JewelryChris Duffield
Costume/HairMonique Theriault
Master ArmoursmithPhillip Vautour
Chain Mail and JewelryHilary Wilson
MusicCian Horrobin
MusicJohn McCarthy
MusicJohn Tickner
MusicKate Tickner
PropertiesSherry Gill
Set PiecesScott Marshall
Set PiecesBob Vienneau
Additional CrewDona Atcheson
PromotionElizabeth Chase
Additional CrewJessica Ervin
Additional CrewAllison Ervin
Additional CrewPat Grondin
PromotionPhilip Huggard
Additional CrewEdythe McDermott
Additional CrewMike Thomas

Company Overview

Theater Company Saint John Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Saint John Shakespeare Festival [website]