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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

The Taming of the Shrew (2003, Phoenix Theatre, University of Victoria)

TitleThe Taming of the Shrew
Theater CompanyPhoenix Theatre, University of Victoria
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2003-10-09
End Date2003-10-25
Play ConnectionsThe Taming of the Shrew (performance)
SettingPadua, Italy. 1935
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Cast Overview

KatherinaAnnette Dreeshen
BiancaMeg Braem
Baptista MinolaEmma Claire Miller
VincentioAllison Ward
Lucentio of PisaMitch Pollock
Petruchio of VeronaJay Hindle
GremioMarisa Smith
HortensioKaren Taylor
TranioBeth Scozzafava
BiondelloEva Markvoort
GrumioKatie Hood
Pedant of MantuaMelissa Bates
Christopher SlyCameron Anderson
HostessAnnette Dreeshen
HuntswomanMelissa Bates
HuntswomanAllison Ward
Baptista's ServantAlicia Bate
Petruchio's ServantMelissa Bates
Baptista's ServantStacey Gaetz
Baptista's ServantStephanie Nikolaidis
Petruchio's ServantBeth Scozzafava
Petruchio's ServantMarisa Smith
Petruchio's ServantAllison Ward
The WidowCameron Anderson
TailorAlicia Bate
LadyEmma Claire Miller

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorAlisa Palmer
Assistant DirectorBritt Candide Small
Costume DesignerAlison Green
Assistant Set DesignerScott Powell
Set DesignerAllan Stichbury
Lighting DesignerWilliam Mackwood
Sound DesignerJohn Mills-Cockell
Technical DirectorSteve Vrooman
Production ManagerBert Timmermans
Stage ManagerJen Braem
Assistant Costume DesignerOdessa Bennett
Assistant Costume DesignerKendra Oliver
Assistant Costume DesignerSarah Wallin
Music AssociateAllison Ward

Company Overview

Theater Company Phoenix Theatre, University of Victoria

Production information courtesy of: University of Victoria, Theatre Department [website]