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Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Hamlet (2003, The Bell Shakespeare Company)

Theater CompanyThe Bell Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsAustralia
Start Date2003-03
End Date2003-05
Play ConnectionsHamlet (performance)
Media Collections

Cast Overview

PoloniusRobert Alexander
Old Hamlet/First Player/GravediggerBille Brown
GertrudeLinda Cropper
HoratioDavid Davies
LaertesPaul Eastway
Player QueenLuisa Hastings Edge
LadyLuisa Hastings Edge
HamletLeon Ford
FortinbrasJulian Garner
ReynaldoJulian Garner
Player LucianusJulian Garner
FranciscoAngus King
OsricAngus King
Fortinbras' CaptainRob Meldrum
VoltemandRob Meldrum
CorneliusPip Miller
PriestPip Miller
MarcellusDamien Ryan
RosencrantzDamien Ryan
ClaudiusChristopher Stollery
OpheliaAnna Torv
BarnadoEd Wightman
GuildensternEd Wightman

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJohn Bell
Assistant DirectorRobert Kennedy
Costume DesignerMatthew Aberline
Set DesignerLaurence Eastwood
Lighting DesignerLaurence Eastwood
Lighting DesignerPeter Neufeld
ComposerAlan John
Movement Design for PlayersDarren Gilshenan
Movement CoachGavin Robins
Fight DirectorNigel Poulton

Company Overview

Theater Company The Bell Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: The Bell Shakespeare Company [website]